I have 3 old 'hand me down' coats that I would like to learn how to properly care for myself, if possible.

1 is nappa leather on one side, shearling on the other. I see you have products for that.

The other 2: 1 is mouton outside, satin lined inside-unfinished/unseen skin
1 is black curly lamb/Persian lamb, satin lined-unfinished/unseen skin

I want to extend their usable life, & strength.
I wonder if treating the leather side with some type of conditioner will do this.

I need to know if the mouton & curly lamb should be considered as 'shearling', for care purposes, as they are the skin with hair/fur still attached.
Does removing the lining & treating the skin help maintain the strength?

I have spoken to a couple 'furriers'-all they do is drum tumble/clean by standard fur cleaning methods.
I want to avoid that process if possible, as it seems too harsh, & doesn't address the conditioning of the skin side of the panels.

When I asked about actually conditioning the skin side to maintain the strength of the skin itself, I was just told that all fur wears out & when it's at the end of it's life, that's it. Both did not consider Persian lamb. or mouton as shearling.
They had no information outside of cold storage, & neither have never heard of conditioning the opposite side of the skin-the non fur side.

I asked them both-what is the difference, as they are all lamb with the fur still attached, & neither had an answer.
I've not been able to locate an actual leather/hide specialist locally to ask.

Maybe I am crazy, but it seems to me that both curly/Persian lamb, & mouton should be cared for like a shearling/sheepskin & that maintaining the non-fur side would make it last longer. Meaning help keep the fur attached.

The only difference I can see is the treatment to the mouton, to straighten it-
I see no difference in the curly/Persian lamb-it's just a lamb hide with curly fur.
Aren't they still a type of shearling?

Please, if you can, clarify for me.

All coats are in wearable condition, & the skin on the nappa shearling, & Persian lamb, is still soft/supple.
I'm not interested in cleaning the nappa shearling or the Persian lamb, just interested in proper maintenance.

The mouton, however, is beige/off white, dirty, & the skin is thicker than the other 2 coats.
Most of the mouton is still supple, but the skin is a little stiffer by where the cuffs roll up.
This one is probably on it's last legs, but I believe with proper care, I can get a couple of good years out of it.

Please educate me on whatever I need to know.

Lamb/sheep hides have been used for ages, surely there is a way to maintain the skin, so that it doesn't dry out, & so the fur stays attached, but no one around here has any answers.
People just throw them away & buy new, because no one knows how to care for them anymore.
These coats are the warmest, I want to keep them as long as I can.

Thank you for your time.