Hello everyone,

I am a car detailer and this year I am thinking about adding leather repair services for my clients.

I have a few questions and I hope some of you can help me with.

1) I have watched a few videos about leather repair. Seems straightforward enough, very similar to bodywork on a car. How long would you estimate a complete repair can take?

2) I am a mobile detailer, so that means I can't do work that has dry times of several hours to days. Are there fillers that dry quickly and don't require to cure overnight?

3) I have seen two type coloring processes, one with liquid dyes you use a sponge to apply, and the other is like a leather paint that you spray on. I imagine trying to color match a dye in a car would be quite hard. So a spray paint with the color matches codes would be easier. What do you guys think? Also where would you get paint (or dye) that is color matched using the color codes for the trim?

4) Any suggestions?

Thanks, hope to read your replies soon!