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Thread: Ugg Boots - Shoe doctor advice please - how to reduce darkening effect?

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    Default Ugg Boots - Shoe doctor advice please - how to reduce darkening effect?

    Hello again Roger,

    I need your shoe doctorly advice please. Late last year I bought your Suede, to try to repair my stepdaughter’s Ugg boots. These had been soaked at some time, then allowed to dry “hard” so that they were misshapen (shrunk), rigid and impossible to put on.

    After copious applications of Hydrator and Fatliquer I got them softened and back into shape, but they were very very dark from all the applied liquids:

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    That pic was taken on 2 December. Since then, by airing, brushing and rubbing, they have improved dramatically, so that the smaller pair are almost back to normal:

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    However the bigger pair don’t seem to have improved much in the last couple of weeks.

    So to the point. What can I do to get rid of the last of the excess fluid in the bigger boots, to return them to (or as close as possible to) their original colour?


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