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Thread: Chanel White Bag - Restoration?

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    Default Chanel White Bag - Restoration?

    Hello Roger,

    Thank you for sharing your expertise on leather care on the forum.

    I have just bought a beautiful vintage white bag. The bag was presented nice on the website where I bought it from. However in real life the bag has scuffs and leather abrasions at the corners and back pocket. I think the bag is still in a nice and usable condition but these wears irritate me when I look at them.

    I like the colour and donít want to dye the whole bag. Do you have any suggestions on how to cover these wears so they are not visible?

    I probably want to change the colour from white o black at some point of time, when the bag is getting more dirty and wears.

    I look forward to your good advice.
    Kind regards,

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    >>> Do you have any suggestions on how to cover these wears so they are not visible?

    To cover up these wears will depends on how detail you wish to proceed, a holistic approach is with Leather Doctor system
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    Further questions are welcome.

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