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    Hi Roger,

    Thanks so much for your help earlier. I have received my order and I'm ready to get cleaning!

    This customer's boots have some crusty stains and a bit of water damage. There are also some shiny spots. Our streets are usually very salty in the winter.

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    I would appreciate any guidance you have. I have looked over the forum and have a general idea of what I'm doing but as this is my first pair of customer's Ugg boots, I do not want to do any damage from inexperience!



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    Recommended system products for water damaged Ugg boots is with Leather Doctor Ugg Boots Suede Water Stain Remover Kit-U3.w
    The wool side cleaning is with this Leather Doctor Ugg Boots Suede and Wool Care Kit-U3

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    Dry Soil Removal:
    Dry soil is removed by brushing and breaking up soiling deposits first with SuedeSplitBrush-3, follows with SuedeEraser-5 then a thorough vacuuming. SuedeSplitBrush-3 is a detailing soft brush design ergonomically to be an extension of our hand with a sturdy grip, designed to produce effective result easily and efficiently. Tips: Use it at an angle to reduce soft bristle damages and accidental scratching. Cautious over stitches and fabric trims of Ugg boots. Another softer brush SuedeNapaBrush-2 may be used for more delicate suede to avoid the sharp brass; anyway all brush is used at an angle to avoid cuts. SuedeEraser-5 follows to exfoliate age and deteriorating naps. The smooth side is first use to test out effectiveness and the corrugated side may be tested out with heavier soiling or renewal of desired naps. All loose surface soiling is thoroughly vacuum off accordingly.

    Wool Side Cleaning (optional):
    The wool side cleaning is performed using CleanWool-5.5 > RinseWool-4.0 system and ends the suede side with Leather Doctor Ugg Boots Suede and Wool Care Kit-U3.

    Preparation Cleaning:
    A shoetree or towel is inserted into the boots to support and maintain its shape and form during the cleaning, drying and nap grooming process before it is taken out for a smart appearance.

    Heavy Cleaning:
    A heavy cleaning is perform with CleanPro-1.5 > Acidifier-2.0 system to the lower water damaged areas and the lighter cleaning system by CleanSuede-4.5 >
    RinseSuede-2.3 to the non-water damaged panels accordingly. CleanPro-1.5 is spray to wet out the suede and agitate at an angle with SuedeSplitBrush-3 and SuedeEraser-5 accordingly to remove soiling. It is immediately towel extracted using a terry cotton towel. The towel is folded and change side with it becomes soiled. The process of CleanPro-1.5 application > brush with SuedeSplitBrush-3 > exfoliate/nap-renewal with SuedeEraser-5 > white terry cotton extraction of soiling to satisfaction may be repeated accordingly as a system. A heavier wet out application to flush out the soiling contamination on water rings is recommended with simultaneous towel extract until towel shows clean. Acidifier-2.0 follows as a rinse process and the combine system is similar as CleanPro-1.5 system described above.

    Light Cleaning:
    A light cleaning system with CleanSuede-4.5 > RinseSuede-2.3 may continue from the heaviest stain area and complete to the rest of the surface without leaving out any dry section or panel. The sequence of action using CleanSuede-4.5 is similar to that of CleanPro-1.5 mention above. And the sequence of action using RinseSuede-2.3 is similar to Acidifier-2.0 mentioned above.

    The suede surface is towel extracted until the white cotton terry towel shows clean. A visual inspection is scrutinized any evident of water stain remaining and may be repeat as necessary. Know or unknown category of stain other then water may need specialty products to deal with accordingly as a continuation of soil removal now or leave it to a later cleaning.

    When the suede surface is still damp from dry towel extraction, hydrating process begins. Hydrator-3.3 is applied by spraying and brushing out for an even appearance. Brushing across creases is practice to eliminate them accordingly. And Hydrator-3.3 needs to flood the leather structure in order to relax it. Dwelling helps to relax it more efficiently, and the fully hydrated suede need to have a little moisture oozing out when gently press with fingers. The boots may be put into a see through plastic box to allow to dwell with moisture control from evaporation. This dwelling may take up to 72 hours, depending on how bad the damaged creases are. Decision is base on visual inspection to satisfaction. And during the long dwelling as needed, the boots moisture level is periodically check and top-up as necessary. When appearance of form is satisfactory, the boots is taken out to almost dry or 25% total moisture content, fatliquoring continues with Fatliquor-5.0.

    Fatliquor-5.0 is sprayed and brushed to control flow; it is continuous applied as long as the suede sucks it in. or the hen it comes to saturating, the last application just stay on the surface for a longer while. When almost dry (25% total moisture content) Hydrator-3.3 is applied to clean off the surface residue from attracting soiling when dry.

    This is a non-stick, rub-resistant protection that imparts a waxy-feel. The suede remains as original that allows natural transpiration or the ability for the shearling to breathe naturally. Spray and brush nap in one direction for appearance while damp.

    The dried nap is groom for a “finger-writing-effect”.

    Ready to Use:
    The shoetree or towel stuffing is removed and the boots is ready for use.

    If you need an online life coaching by "skype" please email me to book a time with a block of half hour per session.
    This will allow me to coach you the right technique and timing of the sequence.
    Especially if you are the first time user as a professional service provider.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather, Skin & Hair Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor / Online-Life-Coaching
    online store:
    email: [email protected]
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    This is a long time coming, but I wanted to post back and say thank you for all the information. The boots turned out great and customer was very happy!

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