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Thread: New sheepskin rug has strong animal smell

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    Red face New sheepskin rug has strong animal smell


    We bought a new sheepskin rug online and it is gorgeous, but has a strong animal smell. How can I get rid of the smell? It is a natural sheepskin, not dyed, and has a suede back.


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    The “strong animal smell” is the residue of the animal oils still remaining on the rug. Most probably on the wool side then from the suede side (will need your confirmation).

    Can you show us pictures?

    The cleaning procedure from Kit-Sr3 Sheepskin Rug Care Kit need product substitution and addition to solve the "strong animal smell" issue.

    Wool Side Cleaning and Conditioning:
    Sequence-W1: Dry Soil Removal: Instruction: W1-1) Vacuum off foreign soiling with help of suede Brush-3.
    Sequence-W2: Wet Soil Removal: Instruction: W2-1) Apply CleanWool-5.5, brush along the lay of hair in one direction and towel extract until it shows clean. W2-2) Spray RinseWool-4.0 and towel extract to a squeaky clean. W2-3) Let natural drying and dry towel wipe of wick-up soiling.
    Sequence-W3: Non-Stick, Rub-Resistant Protection: Instruction: W3-1) Shake well, mist spray Protector-S evenly and brush-in with towel to pick up soiling at the same time. W3-2) When dry thereafter groom with suede Brush-3 or a slick comb for best appearance and it is ready for use.

    CleanWool-5.5 may be substitute with DegreaserWool-5.6 in above Sequence-W2

    and CleanOdor-4.5 inserted as Sequence-W2A
    is a deodorizer to further mask the “strong animal smell” and let dry.

    replaces Protector-S for Sequence-W3 to impart a leather scent instead.

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    Maybe washing it a few time or applying a strong fragrance conditioner on the rug will help you.

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