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Thread: Which product to start with?

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    Default Which product to start with?

    I think that I understand the basic procedure for treating vachetta leather and would like confirmation or correction. The main process is hydrate, fat liquor, hydrate

    What changes per each handbag is the pre treatment and the post treatment. Am I correct? I've read all of the information you have and needed to get it into a concise format so I wasn't so confused. So, if I center everything around the "main process" of hydrate, fat liquor, hydrate, then what I need to know per bag is what if any pre treatment and post treatment to do.

    Can you please tell me the order of treatments to take for the following 4 bags which I will post pics for: Speedy 40, Speedy 30, Speedy 25 & Alma

    For example: The Speedy 40, since this bag is extremely dehydrated and cracking, my first inclination would be to hydrate, fat liqour, hydrate, but since the handles are such a dark brown, I am going to assume that body oil for handling turned them that color and I am going to start with the degreaser to remove. Then, since the handles are also dark in color from other issues, I will use the Vachetta Pro 1.2 followed by the acidifier 2.0, then proceed to the "main process" hydrate, fat liquor, hydrate. Then if the color is still too dark, I can use the Vachetta Pro 2.8. Finally, I will finish with the Protector D.

    My Synopsis for Speedy 40 ( please confirm or correct)
    1) Degreaser to remove body oils causing darkening on handles
    2) Vachetta Pro 1.2 to remove browning and blotches
    3) Acidifier 2.0
    4) Hydrate 3.3 for 72 hours wrapped in plastic wrap
    4) Fat Liquor when the vachetta has hydrated to 25%
    4) Hydrate 3.3 again
    5) Vachetta 2.8 if the color is still too dark for my liking
    6) Protector D

    Here are the 4 bags I would like your help on deciphering the order in which to treat:Name:  Alma.JPG
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Size:  2.18 MBName:  Speedy 40 (1).JPG
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Size:  1.52 MBName:  Speedy 30.JPG
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    The combine product sequence is as follows:
    Degreaser-2.2 > VachettaPro-1.2 > Acidifier-2.0 > Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 and let to dry. Any other wet products may be inserted prior to Fatliquor-5.0.

    “Dry Process” is with Vachetta-2.8 and is treated after the leather is fatliquor sufficiently with Fatliquor-5.0 to prevents dry cracking. Surface residue may similar be clean off with Hydrator-3.3 or Rinse-3.0 and let to slow drying and massaging to dry for extra suppleness.

    Protector-D is applied on dry leather surface.

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