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    Default Bloom semi aniline sectional

    We restored this piece in February of 2016 with your products. In early 2017 we had to go re-dye and top coat the piece with 3 layers of dye and 4 layers of top coat. Client is stating that it is already cracking and peeling again. How long should a restored dye last? How can we fix this and avoid future issues like this. Name:  Bloom1.jpg
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    >>> How long should a restored dye last?


    1- These are corrected grain, textured embossed leathers, thus the grain has been sanded and is more loose then full-grain or top-grain leathers. In comparison a micro-pigmented semi-aniline would last longer as the leather crust is tighter and finer.

    2- When the leather crust is pH balanced using Acidifier-2.0 it will increase the ionic positive (+ve) leather protein fiber with the ionic negative (-ve) fatliquor. This ionic strengthening reduces dry rotting from exfoliating.

    3- Impregnator-26 when used after Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system strengthen the crust fibers from exfoliating.

    4- Take note the pH value of care product being used. Any liquid product between the pH value of 3 and 5 will prolong the refinishing.

    5- Most of these failure starts with the body contact areas with more contamination then surrounding un-contaminated areas.

    6- Leather finishing in general is quite similar to wood or metal, when substrate fails with dry rot or rust the finishing cracks and peels similarly.

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