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Thread: A $42K insured Nubuck Leather Chesterfield Couch - Water Damaged Restoration.

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    Default A $42K insured Nubuck Leather Chesterfield Couch - Water Damaged Restoration.

    This is a very high-end couch made out of NuBuck Leather. It was a clean water loss from a supply line to a shower in the ensuite above the living room. The stain on the couch is drywall dust and water mixed from the ceiling. The couch is apparently brand new and I did not see any other stains on it. The couch is under 1 year old. Water incident was approximate 1 month ago now.

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    It is restored by the Leather Doctor system for Nubuck:

    Nubuck is top-grain cattle leather that has been buffed on the grain side, or outside, to create a velvet like texture or nap. It has the characteristic of a slight nap, with the softest “hand” or tactile feel. Although nubuck is aniline dyed through it is commonly finish with a surface dye sometimes incorporating micro-pigment to cover up some natural blemishes. It looks similar to suede, but the difference is that suede is created from the flesh side of leather, whereas nubuck is created from the grain side of leather. As both nubuck and suede are napped leather, it is often incorrectly identified as suede. Leather is both hydrophilic and oleophilic, nubuck especially with its open nap absorbs both water and oil more readily, than any other smooth leather. It is generally more expensive than suede; fashion types include embossed, oil and wax pull-up effect. Fatliquor plays an important role when comes to maintenance to both reduce ingress of waterbased and grease stain; plumps the leather with fullness, reduces creases, and wrinkles. Leather protein-fiber component is amphoteric therefore, a leather-safe (pH 3 - 5) care product system is highly recommended to keep them clean while maintaining their chemistry integrity.

    Pictures of after water damaged restoration:

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