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Thread: Suede mid century chair has a little bit of everything ground in!

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    Question Suede mid century chair has a little bit of everything ground in!

    Hi. Your advice would be greatly appreciated on 50 year old suede(?) chairs that are filthy. Includes all sorts of issues including paint, pens, etc. In terms of tools, I have a suede brush.

    The fabric has some sort of interfacing adhered to the back. I included a closeup - there are no tears in the leather, which is a relief.

    Thank you in advance for your help. Name:  IMG_2786.JPG
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    Can you do a little test?

    Collect some of the fiber without the white mesh and do a burn test.

    Does it smell like burning hair and the ash turns to ashes just like hair?

    Material identification comes first and we need to know - if this is genuine or simulated suede.

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