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Thread: 2002 King Ranch Seats destroyed?

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    Default 2002 King Ranch Seats destroyed?

    My husband and I recently purchased a used 2002 f150 King Ranch. The back seats are in really good shape. No cracks, stains or discoloration. The front seats and console are an entirely different story. The previous owner of the truck worked in the oilfields of Texas and it shows. The seats also look like they have never been conditioned either. The seats and console are completely black. And cracks beyond belief. The console also has areas that look pitted. I have already conditioned all the leather with Lexol and it has seemed to soften the cracks and swell the leather so the cracks aren't as far apart anymore, if that makes any sense. I have scoured the internet for days now and have not come across any KR seats that look as bad as mine. My main question is, are they salvageable? Or totally beyond repair? Thank you for any input you have.
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    >>> My main question is, are they salvageable? Or totally beyond repair? Thank you for any input you have.

    If you have the parts for the torn area, we can put them back together again and still usable, just like a stich up skin that heals back.

    1- The leather pH chemistry integrity has to be set right from denaturing. Cracking is an obvious sign that the leather is denaturing as the original fatliquor (ionic negative -ve charged fat and oil) diminishes. The original Fatliquor-5.0 when replenished up to 15% will restore back its suppleness. Test with wet fingers to detect any tackiness or sliminess that the leather is reverting back to rawhide. Correction is done with Acidifier-2.0 and a healthy leather should gives a squaky feel just like fresh protein (fish, meat, etc). Dye bleeding is also a sign of leather denaturing and the dyestuff migrates.

    2- Appearance of darkening effect could be improved with products of the acidic side of the pH scale besides removing penetrated body oil, grease and sweat from Degreaser-2.2, Acidifier-2.0, Vachetta-2.8, etc.

    3- Surface damages could be removed physically.

    Let me know if you wish to discuss further.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor
    email: [email protected]

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