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    Hi Roger
    Kevin Gillan of ADV Leather gave me your details and recommended that I spoke to you regarding the issue I am having with my nubuck motorcycle jacket. This is part of a suit I purchased about 2 yrs ago from BMW. It was only after a tour of Europe earlier this year that I noticed that the sun seems to have faded the original black colour to a silvery greyish colour, particularly the sleeves.
    As the suit was pretty expensive I'd like to bring it back closer to its original state.
    I have attached a few photos and hopefully this gives you an idea of the problem. The trousers are similar but are more shiny.
    What would you recommend?
    Thank you
    Alan Blair - Scotland

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    >>> I noticed that the sun seems to have faded the original black colour to a silvery greyish colour, particularly the sleeves.
    Dyestuff that was used originally fades; the color could be refreshed from the thickness of the nubuck if there is sufficient dyestuff to resurface with Hydrator-3.3. Dryness also affects the freshness of the color with original fatliquor drying up. All the creases and folding on the elbows indicates that the leather is already too dry. A supple soft and strong nubuck will be free of creases and folding at the elbows and should be achieved for leather structure chemistry integrity.

    >>> The trousers are similar but are more shiny.
    Shiny is the accumulation of soiling, body oil, grease and sweat and is removed by Degreasing-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system.

    The holistic sequence of process should be as follows:

    1- Shinny soiling is completely removed.

    2- The leather structure is pH balance to the acidic side of the pH scale to that the amphoteric leather protein fiber is charge ionic
    positive (+ve). Thus increase the greater attraction between the other leather constituents like the tanning agents, dyestuff and
    the fatliquor.

    3- The leather suppleness is rejuvenated to soften up the leather structure and naps.

    4- The leather appearance is then evaluated to determine the degrees of fading recovery.

    5- Re-dyeing or recoloring is an option and there are 3 choices - Transparent, Translucent or Opacity.
    Transparent dyestuff is with Nubuck-17 that stains deep into the leather structure.
    Translucent dyestuff is with Nubuck-28 that both stains the structure and coats the surface.
    Opacity pigment is with Nubuck-39 that coats the surface and is the strongest against UV fading.
    6- Dyestuff and pigments are seal with DyeFix-99 to reduce crocking and bleeding.

    7- Non-stick, rub-resistant protection is with Protector-S/S+

    You will need an airbrush of 80 to 100psi to deliver the product for a professional result.

    Any questions you may have?

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator
    Consultant / Practitioner / Instructor
    email: [email protected]

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