Hi Roger, I have a 2006 Ford F250 King Ranch and have just recently purchased your Ac7 kit. I have decided to start with the center console and rear head rest before moving on to the main seat areas. I purchased this truck used a couple of years ago and the dealer or previous owner had spayed the seats with some sort of stain or paint that was intended to cover up the worn, damaged and faded areas, it has since started to flake off which has prompted me to do a restoration, at least on the rear seat.... The front driver seat is worn more than I care to try to restore so I have decided to replace the covers on the front seats and armrest. I am concerned though as to how much product it will take. I have just started the process with these three parts and have gone through a full bottle of the Hydrator3.3 and most of the Fat liquor. when I started spraying the Hydrator3.3 the leather just soaked everything like a sponge! I realize the importance of this step but how much should it take? Am I over using it? do you sell it in five gallon buckets?