Roger, please find attached pics of the shearling jacket that I am about to rejuvenate.
BRIEF HISTORY - The jacket was bought used and arrived reeking of tobacco.
The jacket was machine washed (front loader) two times with detergent.
The jacket after slow drying the tobacco smell was greatly reduced.
The jacket was still supple and soft but shows drying and deterioration on the shoulders and seams throughout.
As mentioned my intention is to Rejuvenate the jacket.
Trying to add moisture and oils lost from the leather.
If I were to rate the jacket on a scale of one to ten, one being garment lost and ten being new from factory.
The jacket is probably a six.
Again my intent is to with the use of reintroducing hydration and oil to the jacket through your products Hydrator-3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0.
My questions to you have been an attempt to understand how to apply Hydrator- 3.3 and Fatliquor-5.0 to the jacket.
It appears to me that it would take 1/2 gallon of water to completely saturate the jacket and I only have 500ml of Hydrator 3.3 and 500 ml of Fatliquor 5.0.
Given that I only have 1000ml of product how can I apply the the 500ml of Hydrator and 500ml of Fatliquor to the jacket to attempt to replace some of the lost moisture and oils?
Thank you, mike

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