I have successfully cleaned and renewed skin and wool sides of my sheepskin rugs with your sheepskin kit. The products are excellent. The results are lovely. I will be purchasing more hydrating and fatliquoring for the skin side to reinforce the work I completed. After finishing with several repetitions of applying protector to the wool side and natural drying I feel like the wool might need more "hydration". What steps and products should I consider?

Thank you for working with me on this. The wool may well be in as good a condition as expected. I felt like the products made the skins and wool so much better that maybe there is even more I can do. When I suggest the wool might need more hydration I am thinking about the shine to the look and coarseness to the touch. It seemed with more protector added that the wool could get more shiny and soft. Is that true? If so do I need to continue to add more interactions of protector? Examples photos attached to this message.

To your question of the steps I took. I very much followed the instructions from Leather Doctor. I followed the skin side cleaning step by step. Then I followed the wool side cleaning step by step.

Wool Side Cleaning and Conditioning:

E) Dry Soil Removal:
E1) Vacuum off foreign soiling with help of suede Brush-3.

F) Wet Soil Removal:
F1) Apply CleanWool-5.5, brush along the lay of hair in one direction and towel extract until it shows clean.
F2) Spray RinseWool-4.0 and towel extract to a squeaky clean.
F3) Let natural drying and dry towel wipe of wick-up soiling.

G) Non-Stick, Rub-Resistant Protection:
G1) Shake well, mist spray Protector-S evenly and brush-in with towel to pick up soiling at the same time.
G2) When dry thereafter groom with suede Brush-3 or a slick comb for best appearance and it is ready for use.

Shiny and softer
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'Drier' and coarser
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Dear Laura,

Please to have pictures of the entire rug.

How old is the sheepskin rug?

Was it clean before and if so, what method?

Hello Roger,

Photos of entire rugs attached to this message.

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The rugs are more than 20 years old.

They have been sent to a furrier for cleaning yearly for about five years in the past, not in the last three years.