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Thread: Eichner-Semi Aniline Sun fading

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    Default Eichner-Semi Aniline Sun fading

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    This is quite obvious an Aniline Wax Pull-up Effect leather finish and here is a description:

    Wax pull-up leathers derive its color from dyestuff and effect wax that gives the leather a lively distressed look. When this leather is pulled, stretched or scratched, the waxes dissipate characteristically and become lighter in those areas. Sunlight and stretching through high wear areas are two main indications that the infused wax needs replenishing. As is, effect wax behaves just like the primary fatliquor they do diminish through ageing and will need periodic replenishing. Besides contributing to the color intensity, it improves in water shedding effect. Effect wax when applied to the leather penetrates while some transforms into fine cloudy crystal and remains on the surface. The dried surface white powdery deposits are then heat activated and when they melt, they coat the surface with a glossy sheen. In a restorative care cycle a urethane gloss topcoats is applied to restore its original appearance.

    Use this Aniline ( Wax Pull-up leather problem guide for reference.

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