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Thread: Aniline Wax Pull Up-Full Restoration

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    Default Aniline Wax Pull Up-Full Restoration

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    Cleaned, prepped, cleaned, hydrate and fat liquor. Need to repair, sand and re dye. Then will need to re apply wax. Tips or suggestions?

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    The sequence should be as follows:

    1 – Prep-4.4 > Clean-3.8 > Prep-4.4 (this is the Restorative Cleaning system)

    2 – Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 (this is the Degreasing system of penetrated body oil, grease and sweat as shown as darker appearance)

    3 – CleanProtein-9.9 > Acidifier-2.0 (this is the Protein stain system for spots that has an outer ring, and as protein stains tends to coagulate removal will need a bamboo skewers or toothpick to work out the crusty stains.)

    4 – Hydrator-3.3 with reverse transfer technique using Towel-5 helps to wick up soiling particulates especially the penetrated body oil, grease and sweat.

    5 – Inspection for stain removal satisfaction otherwise repeat until stain is off the leather surface and work out the stain with Eraser-4 for an even appearance.

    >>> Going to repair tears

    Like to see where the tears are as repairing with Bond-3D will produce an undesired darkening effect, unless the new dye can camouflage it.

    >>> re-dye.

    There are two methods of re-dyeing either with “staining” dyestuff with Aniline-21 or with “coating” dyestuff or both in this sequence.

    Surfactant-3.6 > Aniline-21 > Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > EffectWax-8.6 > Aniline-76 > AnilineTop-76G > Protector-D or D+

    A -Surfactant-3.6 purpose is to break surface tension preparing the surface for an even absorbency without blotchiness.

    B - Aniline-21 is the staining dyestuff original used in the tannery and preferably by very light airbrushing for an even appearance.

    C - Hydrartor-3.3 is for helping to redistribute the dyestuff for an even appearance.

    D - Fatliquor-5.0 is for imparting suppleness to the leather.

    E - EffectWax-8.6 is for rejuvenating the characteristic Pull-up effect (Crystal wax deposit is activate with a heat blower to shine).

    F – Aniline-76 as the “coating” dyestuff.

    G – AnilineTop-76G is an extra gloss over the activated wax (if without Anilne-76 or over Aniline-76)

    H – Protector-D or D+ as the finished protector.

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