I saw pictures of similar issue on a leather jacket, which was fixed by your products Hydrator-3.3, and Fatliquor-5.0.

Can you please advice based on the above info, and pictures, if the shrunken spots on my top and skirt are fixable by your products?

In a desperate attempt to rescue my brand new leather top, I stumbled into your website leatherdoctor.com. It seems you might have the solution I'm looking for. So hopefully I can get your advice before considering order suitable products.

I live in Singapore, it's extremely humid, and I try to protect my leather clothes by using moisture absorber packs (later I will attach the picture of the product that I use for your reference - The moisture absorber is powdery in original form, has white colour, and is supposed to turn into gel after absorbing in moisture. I tried to search the pH value but couldn't find it. Below is the picture that you can find the ingredients (including Calcium Chloride, Starch, Preservative, Zeolite powder).

Unfortunately, a few weeks ago I discovered there was some oily liquid leaking out of these moisture absorber packs and causing the shrunken spots on my leather top and skirt, where the oil came in contact with. I've been looking for help from some leather specialists in Singapore and was turned down, with the reason that this issue is beyond repair and the leather has been permanently damaged.

I turned to the Internet though honestly I'm nervous about finding a DIY solution, as I don't know anything about leather. By attempting fixing the issue by myself with some online products, I'm afraid that I will further ruin the items.
Based on the label of the products: 1. My top is made of lambskin and silk, (lambskin strips stitched on silk lining). 2. My skirt is made of just lambskin. Below are the pictures of these two items:

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