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    Require treatment for mould on a jacket and boots .

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    Here is a general information of what mold or mould is:

    MOLD: Mold is the colloquial term applied to a large diverse number of fungal species where their growth result in a moldy appearance on objects, including leather. A layer of fungal growth discolors such objects. Molds are fungi that grow in the form of multi-cellular filaments called hyphae. The hyphae are generally transparent, so the mycelium appears like very fine, fluffy white threads over the surface. The dusty texture of many molds is caused by profuse numbers of asexual spores formed by differentiation at the ends of hyphae. The mode of formation and shape of these spores are traditionally used to classify the mold fungi. Many of these spores are colored, making the fungus much more obvious to the human eye at this stage in its life cycle. Molds cause biodegradation of natural materials like leather. It can then be unwanted as mold-damaged property. Mold requires moisture for growth. Like all fungi, molds derive energy not through photosynthesis but from the organic matter on which they live. Typically, molds secrete enzymes that degrade complex substances into simpler substances, which can be absorbed by the hyphae. Molds reproduce through producing very large numbers of small spores. Mold spores may remain airborne indefinitely or cling to leather and fur. It can survive under extremes of temperature and pressure.

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    Removing the surface growth is with CleanPro-1.5 > Acidifier-2.0 + Leather Eraser-4 system as phase-1. Phase-2 is treatment with KillMold-3.6. Phase-3 is leather rejuvenating with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 > Hydrator-3.3 system. The holistic last phase is Protector-B+.

    Products mentioned are found with this
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    from this on-line store

    Leather Doctor®, aniline leather mold odor killer kit is formulated for mold preventive and decontamination care during storage or after growth. Water damaged leathers and storing in a humid condition promotes mold growth. The presence of mold infestation is detected by its characteristic musty odor and moldy appearance. Mold is a living organism and damages are progressive that timely preventive anti-fungicidal control is preferred over corrective restoration. A progressive mold infestation will result in unsightly sinking pits that may require physical removal with refinishing. When leather is store away, a KillMold-3.6 treatment preserves the leather for a potential period of 8 months. KillMold-3.6 is a waterbased leather-safe non-phenol fungicide formulated to kill mold growth. An effective mold decontamination process would include a preparation cleaning with CleanPro-1.5 and Acidifier-2.0 as rinse prior to KillMold-3.6 treatment. Mold growth draws its nutrients from the leather fat and oil and will need replenishing. Rejuvenating the leather includes hydrating to relax the stick together fibers and to eliminate surface tension with Hydrator-3.3. Fat and oil follows immediately with Fatliquor LS-5.5 to rejuvenate the leather with suppleness and diffusing a classic leather scent. The surface wear of the leather is greatly reduced with a rub-resistant Protector-B+ that also enhances a non-stick buttery-feel to shield against sticky soiling. Note that the mentioned products suffix numbers denotes its pH value in this holistic approach for mold odor preventive and corrective care.

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