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Thread: Can I use citric acid to wash leathers?

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    Default Can I use citric acid to wash leathers?

    Besides, you mentioned that it will leave marks when cleaning the leather with water above PH5,

    I wonder that if I add some citric acid in the water when washing leather, will it leave water marks?

    I did not mean to use product with citric acid when cleaning the leather but to add citric acid in the water.

    Will that recude the water mark?

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    When comes to mixing concentrates I only recommend “Distilled Water”!

    Tap water good enough to drink may stain sensitive leathers because of foreign impurities.

    That's why it’s common to have watermarks on absorbent leathers, especially vachetta.

    rinse3.0™ concentrate is design to be mixed with 80 parts Distilled Water for purpose of rinsing all leathers safely with no side effect.

    Besides all acids used has to be safe to the user.

    acidifier2.0™ although has a pH of 2, is still safe for me to spray on my face as a natural sanitizer.

    rinse3.0™ pH 3, is safe to spray on my hair as a hair acidifier.

    Do not use acid, if we do not know how it works or its side effect.

    It is better to stay within a proven system that we are comfortable with.

    As for citric acid, check out from your supplier whether it is recommended to be added into water for washing leathers.

    And why citric acid (added to water) is better than rinse3.0™ concentrate (added to distilled water)?

    Roger Koh
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