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Thread: Aniline Wax Pull-Up: Restoring 20+ years old Aniline Wax Pull-up Chairs and Ottoman!

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    Default Aniline Wax Pull-Up: Restoring 20+ years old Aniline Wax Pull-up Chairs and Ottoman!


    I have 2 chairs and an ottoman, that are 20+ years old, appear to be wax pull up aniline.

    The arms and the ottoman are very soiled and I'm unsure if they will dissentigrate when I try to clean them.

    Here are the pictures, let me know your opinion and the how I should proceed with them.

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    Default Conservation Restoration vs. Aesthetic Restoration

    There are different levels of soiling as shown in these pictures that range from light to heavily stains and soiled damages.

    Since soil damages (due to alkaline pH exposure from aged perspiration) have taken place in those areas the leather will not return to its original condition and will reveal the difference.

    These damage areas need repairs to tighten the cracks and loose grain to restore the smooth surface.

    These repairs darkening areas will be noticeable close-up (Is this acceptable to your customer?).

    The options are as follows:

    1. Conservation Restoration - Preserving the original with noticeable repair areas (retains original value).
    To be done with original Aniline Wax Pull-Up System (with or without the optional dyeing process).
    As colors can be reactivated more naturally by (relaxer3.3™ + fatliquor5.0™ + waxEffect95™) since pictures does not show any drastic lost of colors.

    2. Aesthetic Restoration - Restoration that show newness with altered originality (may deviate from the original deep transparent to a shallow translucent look).
    Made possible by introducing an aniline translucent color dyestuff for better hiding power - anilineColor25™.

    Which option do you think your customer might prefer, we can than discuss the detail procedures.

    What do you think?

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor®
    Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification #942
    Leather Care Technician
    Master Textile Cleaner
    Master Fire & Smoke Restorer
    Journeyman Water Restorer
    Since 1973

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