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Thread: If you were to start from the begin

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    If you were could start over cleaning & restoring, what would you do?
    what training do you feel was the best?
    how did you get started?
    what marketing has work?
    i personnal am new to leather, just thought you direct me in the rightway, learn from the pros
    thanks alan

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    Dear Alan,

    I would source a product line that can support all aspect of the leather cleaning and restoration work that I think can make my client smiling and rewarding me handsomely.

    He would be wearing nubuck pants, shearling jacket, exotic western boots, leather hat, vegetable-tanned leather belt and carry in him a drum-dyed-aniline leather wallet in his impressive crocodile briefcase.
    He would be sitting on a saddlery leather chair, goes to his hair-on barstool, relaxes on his nubuck sofa and opens his leather bound book while his feet is on his buffalo hair-on-hide.
    He would be driving a leather seated car with matching suede trims to his private horse range and put on his favorite saddle on his favorite horse.
    He would be back to his office and sit on his high back executive leather chair and writing on his leather top desk.
    He would call his meeting in his leather tile floor conference room with leather top conference table and matching leather chairs.
    He would fly in his private plane in leather seat to his private yacht don’t know where.
    He would lie on this huge round bed and stare at his leather tile ceiling with matching suede walls.
    He would go to the bridge (170’ yacht) where the panels and console is all upholstered with leather and the equatorial sun has faded it after 7 years and he thinks of you.

    Every times he is not satisfied with his leather condition, he thinks of you.
    He wants his leather not only appealing to him aesthetically.
    But also to be sensuous with the unforgettable classic leather scent that satisfied his olfactory crave.
    The sense of touch on leather is characteristically buttery for all his smooth leather, draggy for his saddlery leather, waxy for his suede and silky for his nubuck.

    And you know how to please him with Leather Doctor® help.

    Marketing that works would be for you to wear leather boots, nubuck pants, suede vest, napa jacket and a leather textured name card that is fragranced with the legendary classic leather scent too!

    Eventually you will also have all things leather just like your client; you will be successful too, in your own leather passionate way.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor System®
    [email protected]

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