Hi, this is Nathan.
Im on a college budget at the moment, I had a few question on which of your products to chose for my leather.
I know I have aniline leather.
Im just not sure which to choose.
I have some dirt or oil stains on my steering wheel.
I tried the basic $20 turtle wax spray on from the local auto parts store.
It doesnt seem to do much but make my microfiber rag dirty.
Some of the seats have wear on the leather and show how it is beginning to crack.
Any advice?

I've attached some photos; hopefully you are able to view them.
It's hard to tell on the steering wheel, since it is dark.
But I attached some pictures of the steering wheel from sides showing the small dirt spot that is discolored.
The top part of steering wheel is similar to the dark discolor,
I'm guessing from oily sweaty hands.
Most of the leather on steering wheel is very rough to the touch and dry.
Similar to steering wheel, the same kind of dark discolor oil/dirt is on the gear shifter as well.
My back seats seem to be doing well.
But I've included pictures for the driver side along with passenger side seat.
They both have a few cracks and small discrepancies.
I hope this pictures help.
Thanks so much for the quick response.

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