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Thread: Celine Phantom supple calfskin - Recommendations on a protector and a cleaner?

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    Default Celine Phantom supple calfskin - Recommendations on a protector and a cleaner?

    I'd love to hear your your recommendation on protecting the leather on a light colored Celine Phantom in supple calfskin and also a cleaning product that won't damage it.

    I bought a can of Collonil Nanopro ro protect it but never used it, because it made the leather of the pochette I tested on shinier. I'd like a product that won't change the finish, whether it's used on matte leather, like the Phantom or it has a sheen finish like the Valentino Rockstud tote.

    The leather doctor products were highly recommended to me, so here I am. Thanks in advance for the help and for this great forum.

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    Please show some pictures of the bags you mentioned (Celine Phantom, Valentino Rockstud, etc) whether the leather types are the same that you like to clean and protect and I would recommend a kit most suitable for them without damaging them or altering their luster.

    Preventive care is protecting them with a non-stick, rub-resistant protector against sticky soiling and prolonging the wear of their finishes with a matching buttery, draggy, silky or waxy feel without altering their luster level. There is also a choice of scent; 4 scentless version and 4 comes in the classic leather scent.

    Cleaning are class under 3 types namely Soiling, Stain and Odor (see the guide on the left column, Products on the top row and the number are the system steps). And each type has their individual severity of soiling, class of stain or class of odor types respectively to deal with, not under cleaning them nor over cleaning them.

    Cleaning and protection starts with positively identifying their “finishes types” as shown from the below example Aniline (A.f) – Full. We have almost 30 such Leather Problem Solving Guides developed and put in practice to match individual leather finishes types.

    So show some pictures and I will recommend.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather Care System Formulator / Practitioner / Consultant / Instructor / Coach
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