Leather Cleaning is the process of removing foreign contaminants, pollutants and undesirable substances to reduce damage or harm both to human health and to the leather it selves.

That includes the process of locating, identifying, containing, removing and properly disposing soiling off the leather.

Cleaning solutions should be chosen to match the level of soiling without causing damages or changes in the leather’s original appearance or finish.

The soiling level may vary from light, heavy to greasy areas.

When it’s heavy soiling a leather-safe preconditioner like strongClean4.3™ (aka preClean4.3) allows sufficient “dwell time” for a complete soil deflocculation to occur.

And for heavy greasy soiling a leather-safe preconditioner like superClean4.9™ (aka d'Grease4.9) is recommended instead.

A leather-safe cleaner like clean3.8™ cleans generally and a leather-safe acidifier rinse like rinse3.0™, returns the leather to its original pH chemistry integrity.

Routine cleaning is performed to help upkeep leather to a more attractive and healthy state that may include sanitizing it with leather-safe sanitizer3.9™.

Periodic cleaning is performed before soiling causes permanent damages and may return to its original condition.

Restoration cleaning is performed when soiling has become severe and damages may have taken place and may not return to its original condition.