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Thread: What is Leather-Safe?

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    Default What is Leather-Safe?

    Leather-Safe refers to leather care products that have a pH value of 3 - 5, similar to that of the pH neutral of leather.

    These leather-safe products work in harmony with the leather structure chemistry and can be used on all leather types including pH sensitive leathers like vachetta, pure-aniline, nubuck or suede without ill effects.

    Leather-Safe products simplify the need to deploy different complicated procedures and solutions to different leather types to clean them safely thus reducing damages.

    The primarily concern in leather cleaning is the pH value so that the finish is not damaged and natural oils in the leather are not removed.

    Alkaline cleaning solutions can damage leather finishes as well as the leather itself.

    However, when an alkaline solution is use for spotting purposes it has to be neutralized with an acidic solution like acidifier2.0™ to bring back the leather pH chemistry integrity.
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