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    It appears "Chet" has been asking you detailed step by step instructions for his business for over 5 years. Is your system that complicated?

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    >>> Is your system that complicated?

    Leather Doctor system is simply a condensation of “Sophistication in Simplicity”.

    >>> It appears "Chet" has been asking you detailed step by step instructions for his business for over 5 years.

    In comparison, by asking questions I think he is wiser than all the “blind” men combined from the story of the “blind men and an elephant”.
    One’s satisfying subjective experience may not equate to an objective universal totality of truth.
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    Yes, Roger's system is somewhat complicated and I have a language barrier with him ( I find him hard to understand). But I have tried all the other manufacturers and all there systems have failed to give me reliable and acceptable results, we have had to redo many jobs with products and procedures from other companies. So I went back to and still work with Roger, I find it frustrating and difficult but we charge a premium for our services and we have very high end clients with very expensive leather and we are getting very gratifying results.

    I'm trying to write specific procedures for my own technicians for dealing with all the different leather types and problems that we normally encounter so we can un-complicate the Leather Doctor process and number of products he sells. I have tried to get him to post step by step pictured procedures and or videos but he must not have the time to do so. I think he has some training manuals but he wants you to take a course with him, I'm not against that but I would want testimonials from people that have taken the course. There is no doubt that Roger is very educated and a leather expert, I wouldn't work with him if he wasn't the best and had the best products.

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    Hey Chet,
    My name is Frank. I have sent emails through the private email system on 2 separate occasions requesting an opportunity to speak with you regarding the Leather Doctor system and products. I also find Roger extremely knowledgeable and helpful but have difficulty following him. I am in Charleston, SC and I have a mobile vinyl/leather repair franchise. I have also had to redo many projects as you mentioned. Most of my business is from leather.
    Would you allow me to call you to discuss your work and your use of the products?
    My information is:
    [email protected]


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