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    Attached are some pictures. The uneven colors (dark lines) are caused due to termite tunnels. I have cleaned all the termite tunnels by applying a termite medication and then by scrapping all the residue. I need to repair the holes and recondition the skin as its getting a bit hard now.

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    Pictures are quite obvious but a description to some will help me understand what you wish to accomplish.

    Hair Side Cleaning, Sanitizing and Hair Conditioning (lubricating from friction rubs):
    Hair side cleaning and restoration is done after the suede side is completed. Cleaning and sanitizing is done with Clean-5.5 > Rinse-3.0 > Protector-S+/S system.

    Sequence of Processing for the Suede Side:

    A - Cleaning and pH Balancing:
    Suede side is dry clean with Eraser-5, Brush-3 and Vacuuming prior to wet cleaning with Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 system. Any tackiness or sliminess if detected during the cleaning process need to be pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0 until the leather reverts back to a healthy squeaky feel. Tackiness when detected is a sign that the tanning agent hydrogen bonding is weakening or the leather reverting to rawhide.

    B - Leather Rejuvenating:
    There are two stages to leather rejuvenating; first stage is to flatten out the skin free of unnatural creases and wrinkles and the second stage is to impart suppleness with softness and tensile strength.
    Hydrator-3.3 is applied and brush for an even appearance, optimum hydration is achieved when a little moisture ooze out when press between fingers and thumb. Periodic inspection with replenishing is essential to maintain moisture level. The skin is then plastic covered to control evaporation with periodic inspection both to check the moisture level and test for easy stretching. Effective dwelling may take up to 72hrs or sooner facilitating the ease to stretch the skin back to original dimension. When dimensional flatness is achieved Fatliquor-5.0 continues without letting the skin becoming too dry and is repeated until the skin is saturated and let to slow drying. Before complete dry or approximate at 25% moisture level the skin is roll in both direction for extra softness when complete dry to 14% optimum fatliquor content moisture level (at 14% the suede will still feels dry to the hand).

    C Repairs:

    C1 Rip Repairs:
    Repairs to rip as to picture #5 is perform with donor fibers from the skin itself by shaving the fibers with Razor-60 and bond with Bond-3D using the same technique as for fiberglass repairs.

    C2 Cut Repairs:
    Repairs similar to C1 will give a natural look without suspicious of a repair.

    C3 Hole Repairs:
    Holes repairs that can be seen through the hair side, a patch of the similar coloring type is preferred so that the repair does not stand out easily. Matching color patch is available on request. It is perform facing the grain side down so that it is smooth on the hair side and the surrounding suede or roughen up for better bonding. Camouflaging the repairs is done with technique explain in C1 and if the patches is camouflage with fiberglass technique will bring better value to the skin. Dyeing the raw patches that matches the color of the hair is done with either transparent dyestuff Aniline-21 or opaque Micro-54 or a mix in between to produce a camouflaging color. Other option is to use alternative colored matching hairs for transplant.

    You may show some pictures of your progress and I may give tips that saves you time or redo.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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