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Thread: Aniline (Mono-Tone) Baxter - Couch Color Worn!

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    Default Aniline (Mono-Tone) Baxter - Couch Color Worn!

    Hello from Holland.
    We have a Baxter couch and the colour (especially seats) is gone.
    What to advice?
    Can you help us with your products?
    What should we buy?
    Is there a manual included?
    Best regards,
    Gerard Wezenberg
    The Netherlands

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    Please find attached some extra pictures.
    It is a combination of sun and wear (wear on the seat part)
    The 2 sofas are about 12-14 years old

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    >>> We have a Baxter couch and the colour (especially seats) is gone.

    Looking at picture #3 the uneven wear to the topcoat contributed to the appearance where the loss of color intensity corresponded with the lost of topcoat besides fading.

    Color is restored in stages as follows:

    1 st - The existing topcoat is recommend to be removed with Razor-60 to reflect a more even appearance for easier color restoration during the wet preparation process with Degreaser-2.2 > Acidifier-2.0 (products suffix numbers denotes its pH value)

    2nd - Color intensity or richness is improved by activating the dormant dyestuff within the thickness of the leather with Hydrator-3.3.

    3rd Further saturation the color intensity is with Fatliquor-5.0 to up to 14% of fatliquor content.

    4th Further coloring intensity is worked with Adhesor-73 to resurface especially the scratch marks.

    5th It is at this stage that new color is decided or determine and the darkest unresolved stains becomes the lightest color just sufficient to camouflage it. Picture #3 shows the color range from yellow to orange and grains is shown in darker shade. Color intensity is control by mixing or cutting the matched Aniline-76 color with clear to limit the color intensity by a 25% incremental mix. Otherwise each color coating will intensify the color drastically.

    6th When the color is satisfactorily applied to even out appearance AnilineTop-76G gloss is applied and any luster adjustment is done with the satin gloss with a camouflaging effect.

    7th Protector-B+ leather scented or B scentless protects and prolongs the finishes from wear and friction rubs.

    >>> Is there a manual included?

    This forum will guide and walk you though as each project may differ to some extend. All your questions will be direct here for practical tips and answers.

    >>> What should we buy?

    Products mentioned are found in this Leather Doctor and individual refills are available to complete your project.

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    Use this Aniline (A.f) Leather Problem Solving Guide as reference . . .
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    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

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