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Thread: Chanel – Old Red Chanel Bag Dye to Black.

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    Default Chanel – Old Red Chanel Bag Dye to Black.

    My wife wants to dye her old red Chanel leather bag black and give to our daughter.
    Before I got involved she had bought some black Fiebing’s leather dye and applied it.
    The bag is now dry and wrinkled.
    I don’t know if this was from the dye or had been that way prior to her starting.
    I have attached a couple of photos.
    Please advise what you suggest to dye the bag Chanel black with a good result.

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    >>> The bag is now dry and wrinkled. I don’t know if this was from the dye or had been that way prior to her starting.

    Dryness and wrinkles is the result of loss of fatliquor moisture content ranging from unsafe cleaning, ageing, and in this case compound with solvent contents dyestuff. A leather-safe waterbased dyestuff is used instead of flammable dyestuff. Solvent dyestuff also impart an undesirable bronzing effect thus deviate from the true “black” of original Chanel black.

    The recommended sequence of process is as follows:

    1 – Finish off unfinished parts with existing product.
    2 – Remove existing product with Stripper-2.3.
    3 – Unnatural creases and wrinkles are work out with Hydrator-3.3.
    4 – Dryness of leather is rejuvenated with Fatliquor-5.0 up to 14% of fatliquor content when completely dry with a leather moisture meter or wood moisture meter.
    5 – Repairs is done accordingly – structure weakness by Impregnator-26, skin abrasion with Adhesor-73 to smooth it.
    6 – Leather is etched with Adhesor-73 using a white scoring pad and fine 1500/2000grit sanding to smooth out the leather of surface blemishes.
    7 – Dyeing is done with leather-safe waterbased transparent dyestuff Aniline-76 for an even appearance drying between each coating.
    8 – Dyestuff is sealed with AnilineTop-21G or a heavy duty AnilineTop-76G to gloss satisfaction otherwise luster level is adjustable with a satin gloss.
    9 – Protector-B+ leather scented or B scentless protects the leather finishes from friction wear with a non-stick buttery feel.

    We will go into the details to walk you through when you have the products mentioned at hand or you may ask further questions to satisfaction before the practical work.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

    Product information:

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    Leather Doctor®, aniline leather dye refinishing kit is designed for dyestuff and topcoat refinishing from the simple sunlight fading to the severely sweat damages from body oil and grease. Most severely penetrated, prolonged and neglected stains show a darkening effect with a sticky feel have its topcoat and dyestuff probably deteriorated by the sweat. When the stain feels sticky, it is a sign of leather denaturing and reverting to rawhide from breaking of bonds with the tanning agent. When sign of color is transfer to a white towel, it indicates that the dyestuff has also break bonds with the protein fiber. When leather is stiff or shows signs of whitish residue migrating, it shows that the fatliquor is breaking bonds as well with the protein fiber. The main component of the leather protein fiber is amphoteric while the other constituents are not; shifting of the pH mainly caused from sweat to alkalinity affects the pH imbalance. To revert from denaturing into rawhide prior to topcoat refinishing, contaminated alkaline soiling is removed with Degreaser-2.2, a waterbased (pH 2.2) multifunctional degreaser that emulsifies greasy contamination besides controlling dye bleeding and charging the protein fiber ionic positive for strengthening the attraction between the ionic negative tanning agent, dyestuff and fatliquor. Deflocculated and suspended soiling is towel extracted, thereafter rinse and pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0 to prevent the leather from reverting to rawhide. When leather feels sticky or slimy it is a sign of leather denaturing, a squeaky feel when wet is a sign of a healthy leather. Hydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leathers and removes surface tension free from surface blotchiness prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fat and oil is replenished with Fatliquor-5.0 to rejuvenate the leather for the desired suppleness when dry. Custom redyeing commences prior to topcoat refinishing. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant protection with a buttery-feel that shield against sticky soiling and reduce friction noises. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this holistic leather-safe aniline leathers dyestuff and topcoat refinishing system. Please email [email protected] for custom matching services or choice of color: Antique-Brown, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Red-Brown, Rubine, Blue or Dark-Brown. And choice of topcoat luster: Gloss or Satin.
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