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Thread: Very fine leather jacket, grease stain from garge door- Weinert

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    Default Very fine leather jacket, grease stain from garge door- Weinert

    This extremely soft leather jacket has garage door grease (possible graphite blend)? Jacket is older and faded, and client is only worried about removing grease. We might need to clean entire piece to blend in. How should we remove grease? I tested d Grease 2.2 with q tip and got a lot of transfer.

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    grease on shoulder

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    grease on sleeve

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    not sure4 how I copied drape pictures but you can remove them from post.

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    Arm after

    cleaned with dGrease2.2, repeatedly with many q tips till no longer getting transfer. rinsed, dried, re touched up a few spots, cleaned, rinsed, hydrated, fatliquored, air dried. Re-hydrated and fatliquored, tumbled in cool dryer for 15 minutes. applied leather protection s.
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    Have email telling you to re-submit this thread without the unwanted pictures and I will delete this thread off, found to be the easier solution I know off.

    Have tried before and was not able to delete "attached image" but others would be straight forward.

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