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Thread: Chanel - Ombres Pink Lambskin Bag

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    Default Chanel - Ombres Pink Lambskin Bag

    The pink and white has some dust/ stain inside the leather. Sorry I don't know how to describe it. Is it possible to clean it?
    It would be great if you can give me instruction for each bag. I just want to buy all product one time.
    Thank you so much again, Mary

    Dear Roger, I just wanna tell you that this bag actually has 2 colors on it (half pink half white). I'm afraid you will confuse and might think about fading. I'm really not sure how we can fix it. I look forward to work with you on those bag. Thank you! Here is the picture of the new Chanel Ombres

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    Picture #1
    This picture shows general soiling and collapsing of the puffy quilting partially due to dryness of leather and frequent flexing at the same location.
    Rectification for appearance is by a restorative cleaning using the leather-safe Prep-4.4 > Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 system. Restoring collapsing of the puffy quilting is by leather rejuvenating it with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 system.

    Picture #2
    This picture shows accumulating of soiling on the pores perhaps remaining of dye transfer from prints. Solution to this soiling accumulation or staining to the pores is perform by Prep-4.4 > Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 system. Preventive care is by a routine application of Protector-B+ to reduce sticky soiling from friction rubs.

    Picture #3
    This pictures shows accumulation of soiling at the edging. Again Prep-4.4 is to be used first to remove them. A cotton swab can do the detailing and leaving the product to do the penetrating, lubricating and suspending the soiling and reverse transfer to a stretchable paper towel for more effective removal by peeling the soiling off than still remaining behind. When such location have been subject to wear and soiling accumulation at the same time often the damages to the finishes is reveal after the camouflaging soiling is removed. Such repair is best performed with just using AnilineTop-21G.

    Picture #4
    Solution to this area is similar with above picture #3, however using the soft and sturdy horsehair Brush-1 will work into the pores and removes the accumulated soiling. A very light motion circular touch brushing will be more effective to reach into the pores.

    Picture #5
    This picture shows some yellowing effect, the safest solution is to use acidifier-2.0 with its low pH value to balance off any alkalinity that may be the causing of yellowing. If the yellowing is due to oxidizing effect then it may be quite permanent just like some of the white plastic components especially around the kitchen or fireplace know as fume fading.

    Picture #6
    This picture shows some metallic stains and after restorative cleaning, specialty stain remover such as d’Tarnish-1.3 may remove it by Redox reaction. Always need to be neutralized with Basifier-8.8 to keep the leather chemistry integrity in balance.

    Use this Chanel Lambskin (A) Leather Problem Solving Guide as reference.
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    Leather Doctor® Kit-A3, aniline leather, care kit is an innovative leather-safe (pH 3 - 5) system designed for keeping leathers at their highest level of appearance, maintaining its pH chemistry integrity, enhancing their suppleness and prevents premature ageing. Leathers that faced the sun, closed to fireplace and heaters dries out the fatliquor (fat and oil) that keeps it supple sooner than the non-heat exposed areas. The diminishing of the fatliquor through evaporation results in the leather fibers being stick closer together that results in stiffness and when flexed during used will lead to cracks. Periodic use of Hydrator-3.3 to plumps the stick together fibers prior to fatliquor replenishing with Fatliquor-5.0 will keep the leather supple and strong. Thus, reduce the premature ageing of the leather against stiffness and cracking. The surface wear of the leather is greatly reduced with friction noise reduction. This is preventable with a rub-resistant Protector-B+ that imparts a natural buttery-feel. Periodic cleaning and rinsing with Clean-3.8 follows by Rinse-3.0 to the bare body contact areas like headrest and armrest helps reduce greasy soiling build-up. Restorative cleaning and occasional dye stains removal from new blue jeans is accomplished with Prep-4.4. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this leather-safe holistic care system.

    Restorative Care: 
This is the ultimate restorative or salvage care system that removes accumulated soiling including aged conditioners. Accumulated soiling that fills creases is often mistaken for cracks. Using Prep-4.4 performs restorative cleaning. It works by chemical reaction to emulsify soiling through its penetrating, lubricating and suspending power. Horsehair detailing Brush-1 is recommended to worked into heavily soiled areas sufficiently to avoid excessive agitation that might damage already weaken finishes especially on heavily used areas. 

    1st phase - Restorative Cleaning:
1. Apply Prep-4.4 and agitate with horsehair Brush-1, ensuring a uniform application over the entire surfaces a section at a time. 
2. Allow a dwell time of 10 to 30 minutes or before it dries prior to towel extraction until it shows clean. 
3. Sticky residue is removed by Cleaner-3.8 with gentle brush agitation and towel extracts until it shows clean. 
4. Remaining residues are spray rinse with Rinse-3.0 and towel extracts to a squeaky-clean. 
5. Let dry and inspect for satisfaction, otherwise repeat cleaning process as necessary or proceed to hydrating. 

    2nd phase – Hydrating: 
Hydrating is essential to relax and separate the stick together collapsing fibrous structure. Its surfactantcy helps check for surface tension of blotchiness prior to fat and oil replenishing. 
1. Spray Hydrator-3.3 to saturate with an even appearance to soften up the leather. 
2. Let dwell 10 to 30 minutes and towel extract wick up soiling until it shows clean. 

    3rd phase – Fatliquoring:
Fat and oil replenishing maintains the leather’s structure integrity and pliability thus strengthen these exposed leather from cracking. 
1. Spray Fatliquor-5.0 in like manner as Hydrator-3.3 and let dry naturally. 
2. Repeat application in between drying until saturated. 
3. The leather is left for slow natural drying for extra softness. 
4. Surface strays are wiped with Hydrator-3.3 to free of sticky residue. 

    4th phase – Preventive Care: 
1. Mist sprays Protector-B+ spread with lint free towel and is ready for use when dry.

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    Leather Doctor® d’Tarnish-1.3 is a waterbased pH 1.3 leather tarnish stain remover. It is for removing metal stains like rust, tarnish, some ink and dye including urochrome-yellowing effect. In addition, any stains that derive metals will probably be removed with this product. This universal tarnish stain remover is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin.
    1 Apply and extract with cotton swab or spray and towel extract surface deposit.
    2 Leave it to dry for chemical action to take effect.
    3 Neutralize thereafter with Basifier-8.8.
    4 Rinse with Rinse-3.0 to a squeaky clean.

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    Leather Doctor® Basifier-8.8 is a waterbased pH 8.8 mild leather basifier designs to neutralize strong acidic exposure especially after d’Tarnish-1.3. This universal basifier is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin leather types.
    Packing types are available in RTU, Fill-Up and Conc. RTU is ready to use straight from the bottle. Fill-Up is concentrate in the bottle to be fill-up with distilled water prior to use to save on shipping. Conc. is concentrate to be cut with distilled water at a ratio of 1: 10 that makes 1.39 quarts prior to use to save on shipping.
    1 Spray direct and agitate with leather, nubuck or suede brush.
    2 Dwell 10 to 30 minutes depending on the severity of the acidic over exposure.
    3 Extract residue with dry absorbent towel.

    Name:  a207916145391bc412e31e_l__18984.1411074254.220.290.jpg
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    Leather Doctor® AnilineTop-21 is available in four luster level gloss (G), satin (S), and waxy-matte (W) and natural (N).
    The gloss (G) luster is the most commonly used for aniline leathers and is the strongest among the range. This is a waterbased polyurethane topcoat that is lightfast and non-yellowing. It has excellent flow and leveling properties, recoatable and forms a flexible film coat that gives good performing results from friction wear. Matching non-stick, rub-resistant protection is to use the buttery-feel leather-scented Protector-B+ or the scentless Protector-B.
    1 Apply by padding, brushing or fine airbrushing for professional result a panel at a time for an even coverage, avoiding streaks, drips and spits.
    2 Let dry or speed dry in between coating and continue with subsequent 2 to 3 coatings.

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    Love it pink is my favorite.

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