I recently ordered your "Leather Doctor Kit Ap7.di – Auto Pigmented (perforated) Leather Dye / Ink Stain Removal Kit” for my 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. There are light jean dye strains on the lower back portion of the seat (lumbar area). Prior to ordering this product I had tried some leather masters dye transfer remover. Despite being recommended, this did not work. It seems like it loosened the as and it all consolidated from one large area into a dense smaller area right where my belt would sit, however it would not release it from the leather to be wiped up. It also left the whole area with a tacky feeling that did not go away with hot soapy water like the instructions indicated would neutralize the product.

After some more research I found your product which also has good reviews. I have it on order and it should be arriving in the next few days. Since the old product left the entire area with a tacky feeling, is there something I need to do first prior to using your system?