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Thread: 2011 RAV4 Light Leather with Blue Ball point Ink

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    Default 2011 RAV4 Light Leather with Blue Ball point Ink

    Hi Roger,

    I have ballpoint ink stain on the front car seat.

    I have some products from a kit I bought for my Ford truck.

    Here is what I have

    Will any of these work?
    What other products do I need to get this out?

    Thanks so much


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    The untouched stains will be removed safely without any damages to the finishes with Prep-7.7 > Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 system. Prep-4.4 with half the strength may take a longer time as compared with Prep-7.7 for this pigmented leather. Failed attempt have shown some residue that need to be removed with Prep-7.7 as well. Topcoat have been removed will need repairs. Colorcoat shows some damages as well with its discoloration and may need some color matching repairs as an option.

    >>> Will any of these works?

    Prep-4.4 is closest to Prep-7.7 for pigmented (non-absorbent) leathers but probably half its strength.

    Follow these examples ...

    #1 Ballpoint Ink Stains.
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    #2 Prep-7.7 Applications.
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    #3 Paper towel is squeeze through the Prep-7.7 without leaving air space.
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    #4 Paper towel is peeled after 24hrs, when the stains are reverse transferred, otherwise replenish the Prep-7.7 and let it work for another 24hrs with another 24hrs up to a total of 72hrs or totally satisfied with the result. Sticky residue is clean with Clean-3.8 follows with Rinse-3.0.
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    >>> What other products do I need to get this out?

    You may need Prep-7.7 as mentioned in this Kit-Ap7.di and color from Individual products are available as add-on.

    Leather Doctor Kit Ap7.di – Auto Pigmented (perforated) Leather Dye / Ink Stain Removal Kit
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    Leather Doctor® Kit Ap7.di, auto pigmented (perforated) leathers dye and ink remover kit is an innovative concept of removing blue jeans dye and ink stains featuring a “reverse transfer” technique utilizing a paper towel over the dwelling Prep-7.7. Prep-7.7. It works by penetrating, lubricating and suspending the stains on dwell time and the paper towel reverse absorb the stain instantaneously from the leather. Prior failed attempt with set-in stains may require the help of Bleach-9.9 as booster to the Prep-7.7 to remove the residual stains. Sticky residue is clean with Cleaner-3.8, rinsed with Rinse-3.0 and pH balanced with Acidifier-2.0 when Bleach-9.9 is cooperated. Hydrator-3.3 relaxes stiff leathers prior to fat and oil replenishing. Fatliquor-5.0 rejuvenates the leather structure with softness and suppleness when dry. MicroTop-54M is an option for renewing the topcoat from friction wear. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant protection with a buttery feel that shield against sticky soiling and reduce friction noises. Note that the mentioned product suffix number denotes its pH value in this holistic leather-safe dye and ink stain removal system.

    Leather Doctor Kit – Auto Pigmented (perforated) Leather Color Refinishing Kit
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    Leather Doctor® Kit, auto pigmented (perforated) leather color refinishing kit is design for abrasion damages especially from friction rubs while getting in and out of seat. Most of these repairs may range from missing finishes to abrading damages into the leather structure. Some expose areas may be contaminated with foreign soiling that includes conditioners, protectors, body oil, grease and sweat or alkaline overexposure with all-purpose cleaners. A comprehensive repair for a long-term lasting solution will require a holistic approach to deal with both the exposed structure and surface finishes. The practical and functional softness and strength of the leather depends on the health of the structure with average thickness between 0.9 to 1.2mm from stiffness and cracking. The aesthetic aspect of the leather finishes averages 0.02mm (or 20 micron) in thickness for practical compressing and flexing from cracking. A preview of a leather-safe restoration system begins by stripping with Stripper-2.3 and rinsing with Rinse-3.0. Degreasing with Degreaser-2.2 follows with Acidifier-2.0. The suffix numbers of these four products denotes it pH value for recharging the protein fiber ionic positive besides the act of decontamination. The leather integrity is revitalized once the ionic attraction between the positive protein fiber and its negative leather constituents like the tanning agent and fatliquor (fat, oil and water) is activated. Leather rejuvenating system for softness and strength is accomplished with Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0. Structural weakness from overstretching is re-strengthened with Impregnator-26, while surface uneven absorption is sealed with Adhesor-73. These repair and auxiliary products where necessary reduces the need for color over-coating thus increase its flexibility and stretchability from premature cracking. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant surface with a buttery feel, reduces noises that translate into less friction wear. As the leather surface is well lubricated it reduces compression when comes to heavy body contact thus reduces compressed creases and wrinkles.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant
    [email protected]

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