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Thread: Ford King Ranch Leather – cracked from sweat, and really hard and drawn up dark damaged spot.

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    Default Ford King Ranch Leather – cracked from sweat, and really hard and drawn up dark damaged spot.

    The console has that black cracked area from sweat.
    The picture of that seat that has that dark damaged spot is really hard and drawn up.
    I had a chemical ice pack break and spill out into the seat.
    I am really looking forward to seeing what kinds of results I can get from your processes.

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    Both cracked from sweat and drawn up from chemical ice pack spill are structural damages of different degrees. Cracks are structural broken fibers resulting from stiff leathers being stressed or flexed becomes a 3rd degree damage. Stiff and hard from ageing is the original fatliquor diminishes, the leather fibers becoming stick together and does not slide one over the other is 1st degree damage. When further drawn up, shrunk or contracted is a 2nd degree damage and when stressed or flexed leads to crack.

    A holistic approach will take this sequence of processes:

    A: Neutralize and Remove Foreign Contamination.
    B: Leather Rejuvenation.
    C: Structural repairs.
    D: Color Refinishing.
    E: Topcoat Refinishing.
    F: Protection.

    >>> I am really looking forward to seeing what kinds of results I can get from your processes.

    Picture #1 – Sweat Damaged Console:
    A: Neutralize and Remove Foreign Contamination.
    Degreaser-2.2 with a pH value of 2.2 is design both to remove the contamination, neutralized and protonate the protein fiber ionic positive (+ve) and control bleeding at the same time. This application has to go beneath the penetrated stains to reach out the contamination. Surface rinsing is accomplished with Acidifier-2.0 with a pH value of 2.0 to further stabilize the pH chemistry integrity of the leather. In order words the leather surface has to achieve a healthy squeaky-feel when damp shifting from a bad sticky or slimy, denaturing to a rawhide condition. Below surface suspended soiling has to be work out with Hydrator-3.3 with a pH value of 3.3 to redistribute the ionic negative (-ve) leather constituents and wicking up the foreign contamination during the dwelling and wicking process. Advance technique allows the hydrator to dwell up to 72hrs using the stretchable paper towel as reservoir and cling wrapper for control evaporation, while replenishing and keeping the leather hydrated. Optimum hydrating level is when a little moisture ooze when press or squeeze with thumb and finger. When the leather is plump up the plastic wrapping is removed and the moisture is allow to wick through the skintight paper towel to trap all the foreign soiling particulates instead of still remaining on the leather surface. When crispy dry the paper towel is peel and the leather surface is work with Eraser-4 for a close inspection. During this time the leather may be stiff and caution is not to stress or flex it until the original fatliquor is replenished. This is a time for inspection and evaluation whether a repeat of the entire process is necessary depending on how severe was the soiling or stain penetration and how much soiling is still left behind for a second or third flushing, before proceeding to the second phase of B: Leather Rejuvenation.

    If you are working with the above, we would like to see some pictures for optional deteriorated surface improvement by exfoliating damages leather grains to improve appearance. Note also conditions of existing thread.

    Use this King Ranch (A.a) Leather Problem Solving Guide as reference. . .
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    Leather Doctorฎ Kit, auto pigmented (perforated) leather color refinishing kit is design for abrasion damages especially from friction rubs while getting in and out of seat. Most of these repairs may range from missing finishes to abrading damages into the leather structure. Some expose areas may be contaminated with foreign soiling that includes conditioners, protectors, body oil, grease and sweat or alkaline overexposure with all-purpose cleaners. A comprehensive repair for a long-term lasting solution will require a holistic approach to deal with both the exposed structure and surface finishes. The practical and functional softness and strength of the leather depends on the health of the structure with average thickness between 0.9 to 1.2mm from stiffness and cracking. The aesthetic aspect of the leather finishes averages 0.02mm (or 20 micron) in thickness for practical compressing and flexing from cracking. A preview of a leather-safe restoration system begins by stripping with Stripper-2.3 and rinsing with Rinse-3.0. Degreasing with Degreaser-2.2 follows with Acidifier-2.0. The suffix numbers of these four products denotes it pH value for recharging the protein fiber ionic positive besides the act of decontamination. The leather integrity is revitalized once the ionic attraction between the positive protein fiber and its negative leather constituents like the tanning agent and fatliquor (fat, oil and water) is activated. Leather rejuvenating system for softness and strength is accomplished with Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0. Structural weakness from overstretching is re-strengthened with Impregnator-26, while surface uneven absorption is sealed with Adhesor-73. These repair and auxiliary products where necessary reduces the need for color over-coating thus increase its flexibility and stretchability from premature cracking. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant surface with a buttery feel, reduces noises that translate into less friction wear. As the leather surface is well lubricated it reduces compression when comes to heavy body contact thus reduces compressed creases and wrinkles.

    Leather Rejuvenating may close-up the cracks, otherwise products for repairs. . .

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    Roger Koh
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