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Thread: Bear Skin Rug - Flood Water Damages

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    Default Bear Skin Rug - Flood Water Damages

    Just received this bear skin rug. It was in a flood, gray water (storm drain back up). Need to clean and disinfect, no visible damage. I did notice flies are attracted to it.
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    System products you may need are d’Bacteria-3.7 as add on to the Kit

    Please remove the felt backing and lets examine the suede side of the skin.

    I will further give tips on cleaning sequences.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant

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    Leather Doctor d'Bacteria-3.7
    Leather Doctor® d’Bacteria-3.7 is a waterbased pH 3.7 biodegradable, odorless and colorless leather-safe bactericide. It is design for disinfecting and controlling pungent odor from bacteria causing activities after decontamination cleaning. This universal bactericide is for all leather types including pigmented, aniline, vachetta, nubuck, suede, hair-on-hide and woolskin.

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    Leather Doctor Kit – Hair-on-Hide Mold Killer Kit
    Leather Doctor® Kit, hair-on-hide mold killer kit is designed for zebra / cowhide mold preventive and decontamination care during storage or after growth. Water damaged leathers and storing in a humid condition promotes mold growth. The presence of mold infestation is detected by its characteristic musty odor and moldy appearance. Mold is a living organism and damages are progressive that timely preventive anti-fungicidal control is preferred over corrective restoration. A progressive mold infestation will result in unsightly sinking pits to the suede that may require physical removal with refinishing. When leather is store away, a d’Mold-3.6 treatment preserves the leather for a potential period of 8 months. d’Mold-3.6 is a waterbased leather-safe non-phenol fungicide designed to kill mold growth. An effective mold decontamination process would include Cleaner-3.8 follows by Rinse-3.0. Mold growth draws its nutrients from the leather fat and oil and will need replenishing. Rejuvenating the leather includes hydrating to relax the stick together fibers and to eliminate surface tension with Hydrator-3.3. Fat and oil follows immediately with Fatliquor LS-5.5 to rejuvenate the leather with suppleness and diffusing a classic leather scent. This follows with d’Mold-3.6 treatment when dry. The surface wear of the hair is greatly reduced with a rub-resistant Protector-S+ that enhances a non-stick silky-feel to shield against sticky soiling. Note that the mentioned products suffix numbers denotes its pH value in this holistic approach for hair-on-hide mold preventive and corrective care.

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