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Thread: Porsche Boxster - leather repair on blue car seat!

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    Default Porsche Boxster - leather repair on blue car seat!


    I need some advise how to repair the leather scratch on my seat - Posche Boxster yachting blue. The side of the leather without the perforation is also pretty dry from getting in and out. Please help and let me know how to improve it. Thanks
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    >>> how to repair the leather scratch?

    First is leather identification, if what we see is natural (suede) then we will use leather repair system.
    Next is to ask how long the repair is going to last, especially on a high wear area, simply said both aesthetic and utility must prevail, otherwise the repair is only short lived and not worth the time and effort to do it.
    That said as for the purpose, here is the solution in sequence of process:

    1] Donor fiber is taken from the reverse suede side of leather of the same type.
    2] This is bond with leather Bond-3D to fill and shape up the gap with Bond-7A (this repair becomes an everlasting part of leather).
    3] Micro-54 matching color may be added to the Bond-3D as the final repair.
    4] Surface abrasion is repair with Adhesor-73 to smooth the skin.
    5] Micro-54 matching color does the touch-up.
    6] All Micro-54 micro-pigment coating is sealed with MicroTop-54 (matte or dull) to match existing luster.
    7] Recommend that the color refinishing is extended to the entire edging along the stitching rows in this sequence:
    Degreaser-2.2 > Rinse-3.0 > Micro-54 > MicroTop-54.

    >>> The side of the leather without the perforation is also pretty dry from getting in and out.

    I believe you are referring to “above surface” friction rubs and if so it is easily solved with Protector-B+ that impart a natural soft buttery feel, the scentless version is Protector-B.

    The perforated panel “below surface” suppleness is maintain with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 from dryness that may leads to stiffness and when flexed cracks. Note that the cross section of the perforated holes has no finishing, is actually considered as suede (the reverse and sides of leather) and will require periodic leather rejuvenating it with Hydrator-3.3 > Fatliquor-5.0 system.

    Below are the products information:

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant
    [email protected]

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    Leather Doctor Kit – Auto Pigmented (perforated) Leather Color Refinishing Kit
    Leather Doctor® Kit, auto pigmented (perforated) leather color refinishing kit is design for abrasion damages especially from friction rubs while getting in and out of seat. Most of these repairs may range from missing finishes to abrading damages into the leather structure. Some expose areas may be contaminated with foreign soiling that includes conditioners, protectors, body oil, grease and sweat or alkaline overexposure with all-purpose cleaners. A comprehensive repair for a long-term lasting solution will require a holistic approach to deal with both the exposed structure and surface finishes. The practical and functional softness and strength of the leather depends on the health of the structure with average thickness between 0.9 to 1.2mm from stiffness and cracking. The aesthetic aspect of the leather finishes averages 0.02mm (or 20 micron) in thickness for practical compressing and flexing from cracking. A preview of a leather-safe restoration system begins by stripping with Stripper-2.3 and rinsing with Rinse-3.0. Degreasing with Degreaser-2.2 follows with Acidifier-2.0. The suffix numbers of these four products denotes it pH value for recharging the protein fiber ionic positive besides the act of decontamination. The leather integrity is revitalized once the ionic attraction between the positive protein fiber and its negative leather constituents like the tanning agent and fatliquor (fat, oil and water) is activated. Leather rejuvenating system for softness and strength is accomplished with Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0. Structural weakness from overstretching is re-strengthened with Impregnator-26, while surface uneven absorption is sealed with Adhesor-73. These repair and auxiliary products where necessary reduces the need for color over-coating thus increase its flexibility and stretchability from premature cracking. Protector-B+ imparts a non-stick rub-resistant surface with a buttery feel, reduces noises that translate into less friction wear. As the leather surface is well lubricated it reduces compression when comes to heavy body contact thus reduces compressed creases and wrinkles.

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    Leather Doctor Leather Bond-3D (30ml)

    Leather Doctor® Leather Bond-3D is for leather structure bonding repairs, such as abrasion, cat-scratch, and filling repairs with Stucco-90, Pigment-64, Micro-54, Anline-76 and Aniline-21. This waterbased medium soft polyurethane leather bond will not lift the leather finishes unlike other dry solvent-based glue. Works in conjunction with leather Patch-4S as sub patch and suede fibers as fillers. Excess clean up when dry will require the help of Bond-7A.

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    Leather Doctor Leather Bond-7A (30ml)

    Leather Doctor® Leather Bond-7A is a bond smoothening aid and excess clean up after Bond-3D. This is a soft nitrocellulose lacquer emulsion bonding aid to level and remove excess Bond-3D from leather surface safely without the need for sanding.

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