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Thread: Cessna Conquest II leather seats.

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    Default Cessna Conquest II leather seats.

    I have another very large personal 737 to do for the same principals and its similar in wear and type to the attached picture is from a smaller Cessna Conquest II that they own.

    I did that one yesterday and you can see the partial clean on the seat cushion.

    I appreciate your help.

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    #2 - Leather Close-up
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    #3 - Wear and Scratch
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    Any help is appreciated. Going onto the 737 project probably within the next two weeks. Similar damage and approximately 20+ seats in various configurations typical of larger private jets. Even if I don't repair the bare areas I would like to proplerly clean and soften and condition these seats with the most prominent concern being the dirt embedded in the wrinkles and creases.

    Picture from Cessna showing bare spots and scratches.
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    This leather is identified as chrome-tanned pigmented finishes and This Pigmented (P.a) is used as our reference guide.

    These leather condition will require a restorative or corrective cleaning, however those worn and scratches highlighted in the red box may be up for a refinishing.

    The general sequence of process may take this route:

    A] Restorative Cleaning:
    Restorative cleaning is done with Prep-7.7 > Clean-3.8 > Rinse-3.0 system.

    B] Creases and Wrinkles:
    Creases and wrinkles are relaxed out by using Hydrator-3.3. Products have to reach below surface through micro crazing or easiest are from the reverse suede side.

    C] Leather Rejuvenating:
    Leather rejuvenating for suppleness with softness and strength is done with Fatliquor-5.0 for below surface treatment.

    E] Overstretching Repairs:
    Overstretching below surface repairs are done with Impregnator-26.

    D] ¬Abraded Surface Repairs:
    Abraded surfaces are smoothened with Adhesor-73.

    E] Color Coating:
    Thickener-48 up to 10% is added to the custom color Micro-54 micro-pigment as flow control for easier application without dripping on vertical panels.

    F] Top Coating:
    Matching micro-top coating is available in 4 lusters level (gloss, satin, matte and dull) to match existing finishes.

    G] Rub Resistant Protector:
    Protector-B+ reduces wear to the leather finishes by imparting a buttery-feel with a classic leather scent or optional scentless “B” version.

    You may use this Pigmented (P.a) Leather Problem Solving Guide as reference and follow this thread as example.

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    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant
    [email protected]

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    Thank you for your help and information Roger.

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