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Thread: Bally - bag with ink - help!

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    Default Bally - bag with ink - help!

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    I've tried to remove an ink stain using the wick method of soaking paper towel and cleaner 3.8 and placing it over the stain overnight but it resulted in taking out the colour around the side of the stain as well... is there any way to get the colour back without respraying it?


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    >>> is there any way to get the colour back without respraying it?

    For aniline dyed leather discoloration may be restored without redyeing in this sequence.

    1. Hydrator-3.3 helps reactivate the color dyestuff from the surrounding to redistribute back to the area.
    2. Fatliquor-5.0 intensifies the color intensity to a degree as well.
    3. AnilineTop-21G amplifies or magnifies the color intensity to improve the color difference.

    Using Prep-4.4 many times stronger may improve the stain, but take note that aniline dyestuff may also be affected during the process and need restoration.

    Is the stain begins from the inside of the bag?

    Do you have before picture?

    Roger Koh
    Leather Care Consultant
    [email protected]

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