I have seen some posts where you have described in detail how to restore King Ranch Aniline leather seats and it looks like quite the task and involved.
I have a 2006 Ford Expedition King Ranch.

So, for someone like myself, can you prescribe a company in the Ottawa Area that you know are using your products to treat and clean these types of seats using your products?
I have seen heaps of photos on the web where companies have completely destroyed the leather due to lack of knowledge and experience of these types of leather.

At the moment I have contacted a couple of companies that are willing to work on my seats (using Swissvax Leather Feed treatment) and starting with a steam cleaning of the leather (apparently a six step cleaning process without any colouring).

I am scared that if I mess it up, the seats might be ruined and that it will cost heaps more to get it fixed then.
I have two small spots on the seats where there leather is hard and dark (not sure what happened to it).
Further, if the cost of total restoration is a high price to pay, will there be a option of just conditioning the leather now, to allow the limiting of further damage for the time being while saving up for the total restoration, or might this be sealing in some of the stains?

If you do not have any company or people that you know of in the Ottawa area using your products, I will have to give it a go and at least try your stuff and ensure that I do not mess it up.
Can you please send me a rough estimate on how much your product will cost to restore my Expedition's seats (two front seats, two captains second row seats and a third row as well).
Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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