I acquired a white vintage coat. I'm interested in fixing it if the price is reasonable. If I fix it it will need to be able to endure cold weather and heavier usage. The nap is a greyish color (chrome tanned?) The leather nap is dirty and needs cleaned. Also, it looks like yellow glue was used to hold the seams down. If I fix this coat, I will double stitch the seams. Only the bottom area shows this wear.

This picture is from the bottom side of the coat where the leg would be rubbing while walking. On both sides, the leather nap appears to be peeling and missing patches.
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This is a closer view of the bottom side.
What should be used to repair this?
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An even closer view of the sides that are getting worn.
What will safely clean the damaged leather nap?
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This is a picture of the bottom seam that was glued together. This particular spot feels sticky & almost wet.
What should be done to fix this?
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This is another view of that sticky seam. The other seams appear to have a yellow glue holding them together. Will the glue need to be removed to prevent deterioration?
Can the glue be removed with the regular cleaner?
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What order should all the repair & restoration be done? Thanks!