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Thread: Rain Proofing?

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    Default Rain Proofing?

    Is there a product out there to make my leather jacket rain proof? That will TOTALLY protect it from wearing it in the rain? I prefer to wear leather jackets as opposed to others.

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    To rain proof it you will need two products.

    Leather Doctor MicroTop-54


    Leather Doctor Crosslinker-25

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    Leather Doctor® MicroTop-54 is a waterbased soft polyurethane topcoat design for micro-pigmented also known as semi-aniline leathers. This is lightfast and non-yellowing, has excellent flow and leveling properties, recoatable and forms a flexible tough film.

    Luster is available in Matte, Gloss and Satin.

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    Leather Doctor® Crosslinker-25 is an auxiliary for refinishing topcoats to improve adhesion properties and increase its film strength. This is a high solid crosslinker without the VOC (volatile organic compound). It is super-concentrated and when incorporating 5 to 10% to the topcoat it will significantly boost adhesion. By creating a tougher film that also ties up some of the hydrophilic elements that eliminate stickiness.

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