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Thread: How to repair puppy chewed Bicast leather damages?

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    Default How to repair puppy chewed Bicast leather damages?

    My pup chewed the end of my bycast leather couch and looking to do a decent repair job to match the existing coating/color if at all possible.

    Couch color is dark brown almost black, maybe the color of espresso beans…

    Adhesor 73
    Aniline Dye 76
    Aniline Topcoat

    Would this work?

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    A holistic repair would require these steps:

    1.] Wet Prep:
    Use Degreaser-2.2 follows with Rinse-3.0

    2.] Leather Rejuvenating:
    Use Hydrator-3.3 follows with Fatliquor-5.0

    3.] Repairs:
    Use a combination of Bond-3D to bond flaps and looseness of structure and Stucco-90 to fill missing fibers.
    Bicast-32 pigment is added to these repair products for better aesthetic.

    4.] Adhesion Coating:
    Use Adhesor-73

    5.] Base Color:
    Use Bicast-32 dark brown to block off the base color.

    6.] Secondary Color:
    Use Bicast-76 dark brown to produce the depth of color.

    7.] Topcoat:
    Use BicastTop-76G gloss to seal the coating dyestuff.

    8.] Non-Stick, Rub-resistant Protection:
    Use Protector-B+

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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