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Thread: A 10years old Bicast Couch becomes very tacky/sticky. . .

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    Default A 10years old Bicast Couch becomes very tacky/sticky. . .

    We have a 10-yr old couch that has become very tacky/sticky...
    It is only on the seat cushions.
    The armrests and back cushions seem to be holding up quite well.
    Here are a few pictures.

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    Leather finishes becomes sticky / tacky is one very common problem associated with Bicast leathers.

    The close-up pictures show the finish topcoat loses its clarity.

    It also show remnants of clothing material that becomes stick to it like a clear carton sealing tape slowly loses its clarity with accumulated soiling from lint’s and fabric material.

    Foreign soiling accumulation logically has to be removes prior to applying a fresh new topcoat and the sequence of refinishing the deteriorated topcoat should be as follows:

    1.] Stripping Accumulated Soiling:
    Use Degreaser-2.2 with help of Eraser-4 traction scrub to get rid of accumulated lint’s and clothing soiling.
    Rinsing with Acidifier-2.0

    2.] Resurface Existing Topcoat:
    Use 2000grit fine sanding paper to reduce deteriorated topcoat distortion in combination during wet stripping or dry prep prior to topcoat application.

    3.] Color Refinishing (as necessary):
    When color loss is revealed during this stage, it is recommended to restore the color accordingly prior to topcoat refinishing it.

    4.] Refinishing
    1. Crosslinker-25 10% is added into the BicastTop-76G to control existing stickiness. Once the topcoat is cross-linked, it is best to used within 8 hours, otherwise it gels.
    2. Apply by foam brush very lightly to avoid streaks with hair dryer speed drying.

    4.] Non-Stick Protection
    1. Protector-B+ is applied to the leather with either foam brush or paper towel for a non-stick experience.

    Products mentioned are found in this Bicast Leather Sticky Refinishing Kit B7.

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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    Leather Doctor® Kit B7 – Bicast Leather Sticky Refinishing Kit

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