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Thread: Pigmented (Mono-Tone) - White leather problems

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    I bought today a white leather sofa. It is an exhibition piece from a store. I haven't seen it before buying in real and I was not at home when I got it today. And when I came back from work I've seen some issues. There were cracks in the sofa which were hidden. I assume they have color coated it. It doesn't look too bad. It is okay. But my problem is the following: I want to clean the sofa because it has some dirt on it. But since there are color coated parts on the sofa, can I clean the coated parts and the non coated with the same substance or are there different ones for each part? I kind of have the feeling (I tried to wash it just on a little spot with normal water) that the color coat is getting off. There are small "crumbs" or let's say small "flakes". And I also feel like the color coated parts are a bit sticky. Do I have to wait? I just want to clean it and protect it for a long time. I really need help and I thank you in advance for it!



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    Please attach some pictures of your concern and I will help you out!

    Roger Koh
    [email protected]

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