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Thread: Mould in Nubuck

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    Default Mould in Nubuck

    Hi, over the years I have been frustrated in my attempts to remove black mould stains from leather, especially Nubuck.

    As I live in the tropics, this is a very common problem here.

    Currently it is 06:45am, temp; is 75f & rH is 92%

    I have used Leather Master products for about the last ?15? years, going to Fenice for a few years, but now back with Leather Master/Multi Master again.

    I would appreciate any information anyone may care to give.



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    Default Nubuck Mold Remedy

    Dear Shorty,

    Re: Nubuck Mold Remedy

    Mold flourish at prolong above 75% relative humidity dampness, poor air circulation and the absence of UV light.

    The average healthy pH of leather is between 3 and 5.

    pH of all cleaning products used should be within the pH range of healthy leather, otherwise need to be acidify or basify accordingly.

    Destabilizing and moving the pH higher to the alkaline side will leave the leather more vulnerable to mold, fungi or bacteria infestation.

    This is what I do for Mold Remedy:

    Phase 1 Cleaning
    Step 1. Dry soil hand clean by nylon nubuck Brush-2, leather Eraser-4, 3M White Fine Pad or other equivalent with Dust Mask.
    Step 2. Deep vacuum using HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner for indoor cleaning.
    Step 3. Spot with Super Cleaner-4.9.
    Step 4. Degrease body contact areas of oil and grease with Degreaser-2.2.
    Step 5. General clean with Cleaner-3.8.
    Step 6. Rinse with Rinse-3.0

    Phase 2 Replenish the Leather Natural Oils
    Step 1. Spray application with Fatliquor-5.0
    Step 2. Brush with nubuck Brush-2 or equivalent for an even penetration.
    Step 3. Leave to slow dry naturally.

    Phase 3 Remove wick-up soil residues with dry soil removal choice of tools.
    Step 1. Hand-clean as above.
    Step 2. Vacuum - cleaning as above.
    Step 3. Check for satisfaction, otherwise repeat the steps as necessary.

    Phase 4 Mold remedy application.
    Step 1. Use d'Mold-3.6
    Step 2. Use wet airbrushing application - deep into the leather structure.
    Step 3. Let dry naturally.
    Step 4. When completely dry, brush off wick-up residue.

    Phase 5 Non-Stick, Silky-Feel & optional Leather-Scent Conditioning with leather Scent-S.
    Step 1. Use high volume air low volume content to create a dry spray application.
    Step 2. Hair dryer helps for fast drying.
    Step 3. Use nubuck Brush-2 to revive nap for a “silky-finger-writing-effect”.

    Phase 6 Eight months contract with clients.
    Step 1. The anti-microbial effectiveness last and diminishes after eight months.
    (Anti-microbial, just like anti-biotic is a course of medications; have to be administered on a 8 month periodic basis to be effective).

    Hope this information helps you.

    Roger Koh
    Leather Doctor® System
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