View Full Version : Leather Cleaner actually darkens the vachetta leather trim of my Louis Vuitton – what to do to save my precious bag?

Roger Koh
12-27-2011, 10:16 AM
I need products to clean my Louis Vuitton Vachetta leather trim.
I read a post in the forum that your products can actually lighten the vachetta leather.
I recently bought the apple guard leather kit online and used the leather cleaner to clean some spots and corners of my bag not knowing that it will actually darken the vachetta leather.
Therefore, I ruined my bag! Some spots turned dark leaving patches and uneven colour of the leather trim.
I have no idea what to do to save my precious bag.
Is there a sloution to it please?
Does Degreaser-2.2 lighten the vachetta leather and even out the colour?
Also, what is the cost per bottle and the charges to ship to Singapore please?
Here's the picture of the patch:


Roger Koh
12-27-2011, 11:06 AM
Since vachetta leather is without a finish it is highly absorbent and darkens when it is wet.

Generally an acidic solution will lightens it up when dry again and an alkaline solution will darkens it.

In this case the cleaner used could be too alkaline for the vachetta leather.

Vachetta leathers is acidic having a pH of 3 – 5 and any cleaning solution within this pH range will be safe for this leather type.

To rectify the darkening stains from an alkaline cleaner is to neutralize it with Acidifier-2.0 (pH 2.0)

Degreaser-2.2 is a water based degreaser that has a pH of 2.2.
It is developed to remove penetrated darkens grease stain especially from body contact, follows with Rinse-3.0 (pH 3.0).

Vachetta leather will darkens when exposed to sunlight just like our skin.
d’Tarnish-1.3 (pH 1.3) will lightens up the tanning effect, follows with Rinse-3.0.

So there are three possibilities that vachetta leathers will darkens up mentioned above, from: Alkaline overexposure, Grease & oil, and Sunlight and their matched solution.

The common blue jean stains is removed by Prep-4.4 (pH 4.4) follows by Cleaner-3.8 to remove the sticky residue and Rinse-3.0.

Below is the problem solving guide for vachetta leathers.

[CENTER]Leather-Safe Problem Solving Guide-V9 - Vachetta

See the kits in this link:

Roger Koh
12-30-2011, 11:02 AM
Just a note to let you know that the apple leather conditioner also darkens the vachetta leather; I applied a thin layer to the trim hoping to conditioned it because it's dry and wrinkled. But the next day, I noticed that the dark patch does not go away even after using baby wipes to wipe it again.

The four trim now appeared to be dry (with uneven colour) and I dare not apply any other products to it anymore.

Trying to salvage the dark patch and conditioned the trims, it seems that I'm making it worse now. I'm ruining my precious bag! =(






Roger Koh
12-30-2011, 01:30 PM
The apple cleaner and conditioner need to be neutralized and removed follows by hydrating > fatliquor replenishing > protection.
The cleaner may have a pH value higher than the average leather of 3 – 5; vachetta leathers by vegetable tanning is normally lower in pH than the common chrome-tanned leathers; so they are pH sensitive. Cleaners’ pH value above 5 if used when necessary should be immediately neutralized to reduce the darkening effect when dry. The unwanted darkening effect from the conditioner may contain oils that darken the leather too, that need to be degreased. Thus the recommended product to rectify is to use Degreaser-2.2 with a pH of 2.2 to neutralize the pH imbalance and degreasing it – a two in one action; in two steps for a dry inspection, otherwise repeat.

It is recommend mellowing the pale biscuit color further with fatliquor replenishing it. This is done with hydrating away the creases and thereafter plumping it with fatliquor.

The resulting leather should looks more season and mellow in a uniform color without the darkening patches.
When the leather is with fullness of fatliquor, it will be less absorbent; thus less staining problem.
It will be softer and more supple that will not lead to cracks often seen on handles.
Body sweat, oil and grease from hands will be less of a problem to darken the handle.

Don’t dream that the vachetta leathers will always be in the pale biscuit color shade – unless it always kept in a box.

The natural characteristic of this leather types:
It will darkens when expose to sunlight; just like our skin that tans too.
It will darken when exposed to alkaline solution above 7 – so check the pH of any solution that comes in contact.
To reduce absorbency it is best to keep the leather structure moisture at its highest level, up to 14% or more when completely dry to the touch.
It is thirstier for fatliquor than the common chrome-tanned leathers.
Fatliquor derive from fat, oil and water in an emulsion; the fat plumps up the leather with less unnatural creases and wrinkles, the oil lubricate the fibers for suppleness and the water evaporates that leaves breathing spaces essential for natural leather healthy transpiration.
Surface protection against sticky soiling, natural water repellency and healing of scuff and scratches are done with the help of Protection-D+

Here’ the instruction…

■ Vachetta Leather Degreasing System
Degreasing process involves two steps; first is the sufficient penetration of Degreaser-2.2 to react with the grease and second is to bring out the grease with Rinse-3.0. This process may be repeated depending on the depth of grease penetration. An advance technique is to cling wrapped to control evaporation for a more effective dwell time for the both steps.
1st Phase Degreasing:
1] Warm up and shake very well until it turns to an opaque gel.
2] Apply direct and agitate with horsehair Brush-1 to penetrate into the stain.
3] Let dwell 5 to 30 minutes or before it dries for chemical reaction to occur, follows with towel extraction.
4] Suspended residue is to be rinse with Rinse-3.0 and towel extract until towel shows clean.
5] Let dry and inspect:
5a] Dark spots can be lightened with stretching from the reverse side with leather Spatula-6 or a tip of a teaspoon.
5b] Wicks up residue to be erased with Eraser-4.
2nd Phase Hydrating:
1] Spray Hydrator-3.3 with help of foam brush to penetrate the leather for an even appearance.
2] Let crispy dry and erase wick up residue with Eraser-4 and inspect for satisfaction.
3th Phase Fatliquoring:
2] Spray Hydrator-3.3 again for an even damp appearance, extract excess and its ready for fatliquor replenishing.
1] Fatliquor-5.0 follows the same procedure as the Hydrator-3.3, with in between drying even application as moisture evaporates.
2] The rejuvenated leather is left for slow natural drying for extra softness.
3] Inspect for even appearance and remove wicks up residue with Eraser-4 prior to Protection-D+.
4th Phase Non-stick Rub Resistant Protection:
1] Spray Protection-D+(Leather Scent-D) spread with lint free towel for an even appearance and it’s ready to use when dry.