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Roger Koh
01-21-2011, 10:33 PM
I stumbled onto a forum where you seem very knowledgeable in leather care.
I recently purchased a leather sofa that I have gathered is waxed aniline.
It's smooth dark brown and has the lock of waxed paper.
The leather creases and the folds distress to a lighter brown.
My problem is that the sofa and ottoman was a floor model and people could not help but run their finger nails across the sofa and there are lighter colored scratches all over the place.
Rubbing with my finger and getting the leather warm seems to help a small bit but, I would love to try to remove some of the larger scuffs and take care of these pieces correctly over the long term.
Can you please suggest the correct items and let me know where on line I can purchase?

Here are some pictures of the sofa.
The contrast of the distressed look was really brought out by the camera flash.
This is a new sofa with minor wear from the show room, but it looks much worse in the pictures!






Roger Koh
01-22-2011, 04:20 PM
These pictures clearly shows all the characteristic of an Aniline Wax Pull-Up leathers; which is dark brown that gives the most in contrasting effect that is alive; like the changing scenery of the moving clouds; each time when this high-end fashion leather is stretch, compress, flex, scuff or scratch during used. Except for the deep scratch that may have damaged the grain as in picture #3 & #4, may require repairs; and these repairs may look like what some repairs that may have been done to these leathers already. More often these natural blemishes appear as scars, and are more often used on the reverse side of cushion. The remaining maintenance to restore it back to the dark shade is easily accomplished with this two specialty product especially developed for this wax pull-up leather fashion type. Wax Effect-8.6 and the Leather Scent-D (draggy-feel).

Periodic Maintenance:
The periodic maintenance with Wax Effect-8.6 is the secondary rejuvenator that will replenishes what diminishes, to return the leather pull-up effect; when applied it will penetrate the leather; besides a cloudy crystal will appear on the leather surface when natural dry about 4 hours time; this is the wax that when heat (hair dryer) activated will transform into a natural sheen.

Restorative Maintenance:
The extra gloss is accomplished by a further coating of Topcoat Aniline-79 – recommended for restoration or repairs.

Routine Maintenance:
This is accomplished with Leather Scent-D (draggy-feel); It’s non-stick, rub-resistant, and impart the unforgettable classic leather scent that have charm both man and woman through the centuries.

For a holistic long-term care these are the recommended products:

1] Kit-AW.c

1] Aniline Dye-21 (Dark Brown – 124)
2] Adhesor-73
3] Topcoat Aniline-79G (gloss)

Leather Doctorฎ Aniline Wax Pull-Up Leather Care Kit-AW.c

Degreaser-2.2 – 60ml
Prep-4.4 – 60ml
Cleaner-3.8 – 250ml
Rinse-3.0 – 250ml
Hydrator-3.3 – 250ml
Fatliquor-5.0 – 250ml
Wax Effect-8.6 - 250ml
Leather Scent-D – 120ml
Leather (horsehair) Brush-1 – 1pc
3” Poly-Brushฎ - 1pc
Washable Rags – 5pcs

Email [email protected] for prices.




Roger Koh
[email protected]