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10-30-2008, 09:58 AM
This set is over 20 years old very faded, and soiled in some areas (oily- shiny). There are also many spills and stains, and 1 ring from the bottom of a container. Do you think some or most of the color will come back from cleaning or will they need to be dyed? What procedures should we follow?

Overall photo

Look into fold to show fading

Roger Koh
10-30-2008, 01:37 PM
We can perform a restoration cleaning to remove foreign oil and grease contamination that may also include the stains and spills.

Only color restoration can bring back it formal glory.

Let us go by the sequence of steps to delivery the result with a “Wow factor”.

A: Restoration Cleaning:

Step 1: Use nubuckEraser5™ to remove the buildup soil and exfoliate worn nap (do not overdo as the nap on the surface is finer and coarser as it goes deeper).

Step 2: Use d’Oil4.4™ on all oiled, greased and stains with agitation (deeper than the stain to lubricate and penetrate).

Step 3: Use d’Grease4.9™ spray and feather out from d’Oil4.4™ application to the entire upholstery in this case (complete wet out into the stain) and feather out
accordingly to degree of soiling level. And let both dwell at least 30 minutes. Thereafter extract if possible with help from misting it with d’Grease4.9™.

Step 4: Use clean3.8™ proportionate application more to the stain areas to flood the leather structure to cause a suspension of foreign contamination and feather
out accordingly to the entire piece.

Step 5: Use rinse3.0™ to flush out all residues from the leather structure by hand scudding until towel shows clean.

Step 6: Hand scud and extract all excess liquid.

Step 7: Use relaxer3.3™ to hydrate the leather structure further and wrap it up (control evaporation) for 4 hours.

Step 8: Remove wrapping, hand scud further liquid if possible until towel shows clean, otherwise repeat.

Step 9: Use fatliquor5.0™ spray evenly the entire piece avoiding heavy drips and agitate with nubuckBrush2™ to penetrate and even it out further.

Step 10: Cover it up for 4 hours or more.

Step 11: Remove wrapping for natural slow drying to allow time (4 to 8 hrs) for foreign particulates to wick up to the surface.

Step 12: Accelerate drying ideally with dehumidifier or blow dryer to make the surface suspended soil crispy dry for easy erasing.

Step: 13: Inspection time, any unwanted creases can be eliminates at this time with “Hot-Kiss-Plating”.

B: Color Restoration:

We have somehow through rinse3.0™ have recharged the protein fiber cationic (+) below the iso-electric point neutral of the leather.
nubuckDye23™ is anionic (-) therefore we are again recreating re-dyeing by hydrogen bonding concept as been practice in the modern tannery.
The sequence of steps is as follows:

Step 1: To ensure eliminating of surface tension we require surfactant3.6™ to mist over the surface to check for patchiness or blotchiness with the help of nubuckBrush2™.

Step 2: Airbrush or spray nubuckDye23™ with reduce flow and increase air pressure not to over saturate or load the grains with continuous brushing the nap.

Step 2: Airbrush or spray nubuckColor94™ as above for better coverage and even out appearance.

Step 3: Airbrush or spray nubuckFix99™ to fix the colors and to abate “crocking” which is very common on new nubuck.

Step 4: Airbrush or spray leatherScent’S™ - a non-stick, silky feel conditioner with the classic leather scent.

Try it out!

Post Pictures!

And help is just a finger touch away!

Roger Koh
Leather Doctor® System

11-13-2008, 10:25 AM
The 3 piece set after restorative cleaning only. The client didn't want full color restoration. I think they look great, they aren't as dark as original, but the only way to know is to open the folds on the side.

Roger Koh
11-13-2008, 06:25 PM
Spraying more fatliquor5.0™ may increase the color saturation with increase softness and strength to the leather.

What’s your opinion?

Roger Koh
Leather Doctor® System

11-15-2008, 10:03 AM
I did spray them with extra fat liquore and they did get darker, I could have applied more and brought back more color, but they have a pretty uniform look now, and I think the client will be very happy with the look and feel.