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10-30-2008, 09:49 AM
I would like to know your thoughts on restoring this faded aniline, and the necesarry procedures and products.

Sofa overall photo

A side panel that's very faded

a swatch of origainal against faded area

Roger Koh
10-31-2008, 08:23 PM
This certainly is a grand piece of sofa could be more than 20 yrs old just a guess on the design.

And certainly looks like an Aniline Wax Pull-up with its high gloss and the characteristically wax pull-up look.

The leather is still in very good condition except the fading and the signs of coarse breaks and creases a tell tale sign of diminishing fatliquor.

Restoration would take care of the leather structure first follows by the surface appearance refinishing.

The sequence of steps would be as follows:

A. Prep Cleaning:

Step 1: Dry soil removal all soils from cushion, base cloth and all crevices, including the dust cloth.

Step 2: Use d’Ink7.7™ applies with anilineEraser4™ / leatherBrush1™ spread, scrub with the eraser and agitate with the brush a cushion or a section at a time, and let dwell minimum 30 minutes. d’Ink7.7™ replaces the need to use solvent or alcohol cleaners as prep cleaners.

Step 3: Use clean3.8™ with similar anilineEraser4™ and leatherBrush1™ detailing technique, and extract until towel shows clean.

Step 4: Use rinse3.0™ with similar anilineEraser4™ and leatherBrush1™ detailing technique, and extract until towel shows clean.

Step 5: Use relaxer3.3™ Spray and saturate soak into the leather structure, and especially the cushions would be preferred to line with thin tissue and cover up with thick towel to cause a wicking process of suspended particulates through the tissue paper instead (maybe 4 hours).

Step 6: While the leather structure is still moist spray fatliquor5.0™ and spread with a 3 or 4 inches foam brush evenly into the leather structure and let slow dry for another 4 hours or overnight.

Step 7: When normal dry; coarse breaks, crease and wrinkles can be “Hot-Kiss-Plated” for their removal to give a smarter look (instead of looking tired as it is now).

B. Re-Dyeing:

Step 8: Matching anilineDye21™ can be padded or foam brushed lightly for the first coat and subsequently airbrushing to avoid streaks if possible.
Blow drying can help to accelerate faster drying time. These are transparent dyes and the idea is to saturate the loss color areas to feather out into areas that require less saturation. Technique used is a gradual build-up of transparent colors just like a water color artist until all looks evenly balanced to a degree.

C. Wax Effect Revival:

Step 9: Use waxEffect95™ spread or spray or both to evenly let it soak into the leather structure. Allow 4 hours minimum natural drying time. Cloudy residual wax will remain on the surface. Apply heat with a warm blower to activate the wax.

D: Adhesion Coat:

Step 10: Use adhesion73™ and pad it with lint free cloth just like varnishing evenly throughout.

E: Top Coat:

Step 11: Use anilineTop54HG™ and pad it with a similar lint free cloth just like fine varnishing evenly throughout.

F: Feel Coat with Classic Leather Scent:

Step 12: leatherScent’D™ would be an appropriate choice, as it will also correct minor unwanted wax pull-up lighter colored stretch.

These are the steps I restore such Aniline Wax Pull-up leathers.

We restore it authenticity without any compromise, this demand the highest level of skill in my humble opinion!

Do you think so?

Roger Koh
Leather Doctor® System.


I did not see any need to repair, if surface grain is worn impregnator26™ is the proper product to use.

d'Scuff94™ is for maintaining scuff or scratch repairs without resort to coloring.

11-02-2008, 03:43 PM
Sounds like a lot of work, how many hours would you spend looking at the pictures? I will need to give them an idea of cost.

Roger Koh
11-02-2008, 06:06 PM
Refinishing aniline wax pull-up leathers demand certain dedication with passion for the sake of the love for leather.

It is a proven system what you need to do is to follow the steps diligently.

You may fail the system, but the system will not fail you.

Yes! Its lot’s of work and a different kind of work too, more brain and skills rather than brute force pushing a wand, now you will be recognized almost as a leather cleaning and restoration artist!

Intimately understanding not only the appearance that you can see, but also understand the science within the leather structure where our eyes cannot see.

So the more you ask, the more you learn and the more you earn too!

Your service price should be at least 25% more than the blue nubuck sofa even though the skill level is 100% more than the nubuck.

I would recommend that you price to sell; also this work allows you an opportunity to stress yourself out so as to test your threshold tolerance for fine leather work.

And more fine work will follow that may include very delicate trophies mounts, hair-on, furs and feathers.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

Are you tough enough?

Roger Koh
Leather Doctor® System